Cypress, Texas

Worked there for almost two years. Did the job of three people.

No one ever got trained properly. No good customer service. Just gossiping ***. I Did managers jobs.

Dealt with so many complaints. They tried to get me to do pharmacy jobs and I was a cosmetician. Eventually became a photo technician since we only had two. Managers are rude and talk *** about employees behind their backs.

We lost 6-12 employees since I transferred. To a certain location. Working at walgreens made me bitter. I hated everyone and the only way you could get along with the other employees if you talked *** about someone they didn't like.

You need help finding something? I would always walk the customers to the area and help with products, not for others. Even managers will say oh it's just on this aisle and the customers will blindly walk around looking for something put in the wrong place. Employees are underpaid so they are lazy most of the time.

Bathroom get cleaned only once a week. Lots of things get expired or stolen cuz no one cares. If you don't say be well you will get fired. They are making employees into sad little robots.

Also the freezer? The negative 15 degree thing for frozen pizza? Your sick with a cold? Too bad go clean it.

And you get sick cuz you work by a pharmacy. They get mad if you call in and don't believe you . The managers line their pockets and do as little work as possible while idiots get hired and the stores a disaster . For the love of god if you have a good work ethic don't work here.

He'll don't shop here. I had to put up stuff covered in goop. Half the bottles of shampoo are missing because they break open during shipping. Just..

Don't even go near walgreens. They are miserable and dirty.

No one ever cleans .. It's gross

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