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Update by user Jul 31, 2014

I was just kidding haha, just trolling around :D

Original review posted by user Jul 29, 2014

This morning I went to a Walgreens and foolishly stole some cosmetics and drinks and head toward the exit. Before exiting a woman clerk came to me and demand me to pay for the merchandise!

I refused and tried to leave and suddenly she tries to tug of war with me for the stuff back and suddenly a male clerk comes and put me into the ground.

WTF Walgreens, I thought u weren't allow to touch me!!! Can I sue them or get those 2 fire????

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realmente? no problema for me


You want advice on how to sue store because you don't like the response/reaction you got when you stole from them?? SMDH you can't make this *** up!

to Anonymous Pomona, California, United States #871739

HA! A fellow Wallgreen's employee.

Just like WG's, they are either helpful and willing to explain reward point rules for medicare, or trolling to keep us entertained.

Cheese & Crackers those are some real characters they are. Now where is Anonymous to argue for the honor of Wallgreen's.

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