Dayton, Ohio

I have lived in the area where I shop at walgreens, every week i shop in the store; the customer associates never greet in professional matter, they are rude-talk behind one's back while the customer is standing there.

If an customer needs help they do not help they tell you that the product is no longer being carried when the next day they have it stock.

The management is non-customer oriented and has issues when customer has questions.

The associates stare you down while shopping and gives dirty looks like you should not being shopping at their store. I will not be shopping at any walgreens stores. Good advice do not shop walgreens # 5901,unless you like being treated with an evil eye.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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I filled a prescription in macomb, illinois the pharmacist was so rude screaming at me as i was a child. How rude.


They are just awful though. When I pay for one hour photo service, I pretty much expect for it to be one hour.

I come in three hours later, and guess what? They tell me it'll be done tomorrow. REally?

I thought it was called one hour photo. That is extreme ***.


I was just shopping at the Morristown, NJ Walgreens. Here's how it went.

Me: Hi. Cashier: (blank stare). Me: Could I have those D batteries, please? Cashier: (silent, rings up purchase).

Me: (paying, taking change) Thank you. Cashier: (silent).

Just kicking myself for saying thank you.


I work at another Walgreens and you are right about some things we do talk bad about eachother and we say things are no longer being carried only to have the product show up the next day....we are human. Some employees are not mature enough to not say mean things about others and sometimes...we even make mistakes *Gasp!*


Disgruntled ex-employee?