I visited this location for the first time on March 15, 2013, at 6am, and was met with the most beautiful, modern decor.However my experience at the Pharmacy was a disgrace.

The Pharmacist on duty, Russell, was speaking with a male customer when I approached and continued to carry on a conversation about his treatment towards a homeless woman who visited the store recently for approx. 10-13mins. And when Russell finally said his goodbyes to this customer I walked to the counter to present him with my script;needless to say, I expected the same friendly persona but received nothing. I had to greet him initially with "good morning".

Russell typed my info in the computer, asked for my DOB, the usual formality....then Russell stated that Walgreens has a new policy that he wasn't sure if I knew about. Apparently, per Russell, this policy requires all pain Rxs be called into the doctor for authorization AND that the doctor provide a daignosis and reason for the Rx PLUS he informed me this could take 1-2 days and proceeded to ask me if I wanted to still leave it with him. Huh?! Despite my 1 1/2 year history of getting this exact script filled at Walgreens, Russell held firm to this obvious lie and went even further to insult my intelligence by apologizing and that it's a new policy.

I knew instantly that he was not being truthful and, for whatever reason, did not want to fill my script. It wasn't fraudulent or suspicious, and neither was I. I took a 25min cab ride to this 24hr store location hoping to fill my script before work, only to be lied to directly to my face because Russell felt like playing God, Judge and Mr. Deceit for reasons that I am still unclear about.

These Pharmacists are taking it upon themselves to determine who should and should not get a script filled in their store based on their own ignorance and prejudices and it is punishing loyal Walgreens customers like myself. Well, I went to a different Walgreens and had my script filled that same morning and not one word was mentioned about this "new policy" that required my doc's authorization and explanation for my medication....and when I asked about this "new policy" this Pharmacist had no idea what policy I was referring to - maybe because this policy was invented upon my arrival at Russell's Walgreens.

This store may be a beauty on the exterior but the service I received was dishonest and it's people like Russell, with their hypocritical stereotypes, that allows the real junkies to continue doing what they do.

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Don't hate at the pharmacist... Go spend your time to stop the illegitimate users/abusers who make it so highly regulated.

I'm a pharmacist and it's miserable to have to deal with all the policy that is in place just because of the druggies.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #698451

There is no such policy at walgreens, at least not the one I work at but if the pharmacist has a reason to believe the RX is questionable, he does have the right and duty to verify with a doctor.This, however, does not include inquiring about the reason it was prescribed, that's between you and your doctor.

It's your doctor's job to know what ailments you have and its the pharmacist's job to dispense the medications that the dr orders, along with counseling pts on the proper use of said substances and verifying that they are being used correctly. Unless it pertains to or contradicts with other medications being taken by the pt, the pharmacist does not to need to know a pt's diagnosis. That's not his or her job.

Hence that's why there are doctors.Pharmacists are pharmaceutical, not medical, experts.


LadyScot sucks!She knows all about narcotics because she is an addict.

LadyScot is stealing all the narcotics for herself.Beware, walgreens hires ignorant low class people like LadyScot that like to use the heroin addict nikki sixx image as their avatar because it best represents her drug induced blabber.


This is just the beginning, there is more to come.U right now have an option to go to another pharmacy, but soon u won't be able to find one who is not hooked up to a national data base that list everything u got ever.

And the pharmacist has to check it before they even think of filling a script.

If they get audited by dew they have to have proof they looked it up and made sure u didn't get it too soon, for legitament reasons, from a dr who is within so many miles from ur address and pharmacy address, and yes they have to call the busy dr and get a diagnosis code and this all must be documented on the rx.Yes even if you've been getting you're whole life they have to or lose their license.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #633178

Yes, this is a new policy according to my walgreens, and I received the same treatment.At first, it was only supposed to be controlled substances, even ones I've been on for years.

Now it seems to have spread to everything. It also includes the insurance companies -- the walgreens calls and asks for a diagnosis etc from the (busy) doctor, and the insurance also has to call the doctor and bug him/her. Then when all this has been done, they will fill your prescription.

Add this to the policy that they can't give you your prescription until you are out of it -- and won't even start the validation process until you are out of it -- it can take days to get your medicine.

I have quit going there after ten years or more of business.

Naples, Florida, United States #624287

Let me guess, it was a narcotic. Every pharmacist has the right to verify any script they want for any reason they want. When you spend thousands going to school and risk prison and your license you can do what you want.

The pharmacist was notifying you up front about possible delays. And asking for a diagnosis is also the way the verification is done. There have been many pharmacists who have been jailed for allowing narcotics to be filled from doctors who write them for profit.

No one prescribes Oxies or Roxies for back surgery or car wrecks, yet those are the most common explanations people give us when they try to fill a bogus script. Also, handing a pharmacist a narcotic script with an innocuous script is also a huge tell. No one who is prescribed a Roxie will also be prescribed flexeril at the same time for whatever the liar druggie is claiming they need it for. Seriously people.

to LadyScot Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #633180

I understand there are "druggies" out there.There are also people genuinely in pain who are, indeed, prescribed narcotic pain medicine along with muscle relaxers.

I consider it a breach of privacy for my doctor to even discuss my "diagnosis" with a pharmacist.

It's none of your business, and I'm so outraged by this practice, and by your arrogant comment, that I am going to check with HIPAA policy just to make sure you're not full of it.

to How dare you Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #633183

And as a matter of fact, while I have been on a narcotic and muscle relaxer in the past -- prescribed by my long-time internist -- for acute back pain caused by spondylolisthesis, the medicines in question when all this came up with my local walgreens were ambien and celebrex. So you need to grow up and get a grip.

to LadyScot Greenville, South Carolina, United States #641753

You're a power tripping ***.Just do your job and stop babbling garbage.

You are not qualified to decide what Med is prescribed for which condition. Chronic pain is a DISEASE, not a game. Your comments are despicable.

Bye bye Mr Oxie & Roxie!How unprofessional!

to LadyScot Fair Oaks, California, United States #642094


Since you seem very knowledgeable about this subject, can you name one of the cases of pharmacists going to jail for filling a legally acquired prescription?

Also, what is Oxycodone and Flexaril prescribed for, if not back surgery or car wrecks (I have no idea what a Roxie is)?


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