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Today I received the on line weekly circular and under savings and deals, when I clicked, a new page open with promotions. One of the promotions reads "buy 1 Allegra, get 10000 points with the balance rewards".

Let me clarify the offer is good not only on line but also in store. I visited the store, buy a box of Allegra allergy Tablets, and guess what! NO POINTS!!!! The cashier called the manager he tried his best to help me, but explain that he cannot issue points, that I have to call the toll free number printed on back of the balance reward card.

I just did, and only got more aggravation, and pardon my language, a lot of BS, with no explanation whatsoever why Walgreen's promised 10000 points and then they do not appear in my account. IN USA THIS IS CALLED DECEPTIVE ADVERTISING!

There is no clarification on the on line advertisement which particular item the customer has to buy to get the points. At the toll free number they just gave me the round around, saying that I was supposed to buy 2 of each!

Not only that, if Walgreen's made a mistake, (which they did not want to acknowledge at all) they are obligated to honor the offer as printed, to the customer who discover the mistake, other stores always do that as a respect to their customers. But it seems Walgreen's has it's own laws, and disrespect!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Advertisement.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Anonymous from Titusville, FL.: I am very happy to report that yes, the customer is always right at all the Walmarts in the State of New Jersey and the customer service is excellent!


I just read your anonymous comments, 2 of them mention that this is not deceptive and that I should have read the whole advertisement....Well, guess what: THERE WAS NOTHING ELSE MENTIONED IN THE ON LINE AD, no matter were I clicked! The only clear thing to read is "buy one Allegra Allergy Tablets GET 10000 POINTS". Yes, you are absolutely right from now on I'll be shopping exclusively at WALMART, were the customer is always right!


If you think the customer is always right at WalMart I can show you some reviews that say otherwise.


Not really deceptive if it was a mistake or misprint. I'm not saying they shouldn't honor it for you, but there cannot be proof that it was either the intention for Walgreens to do this or not.

In any case, I don't believe the store should be responsible, but rather the customer representative you called should have honored it. It's sad that it didn't work this way.


the rewards card sucks. It never works the way the advertisement says. I will only buy from walgreens with the 20% off specials they do around holidays other wise they ARE WAY OVERPRICED, walmart, beats them every time


It's not deceptive advertising when you don't read the whole ad!