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I purchased a card from Walgreen store and the.card.was a defective card and my money is on the card and I really want and need my freaking money back card was purchased on 8/23/2014 today is 9/3/2014 I*** money back

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the vouchers has 10 digits only


Walgreens does not give refunds on any prepaid card no matter if its a prepaid minutes card or a prepaid greendot card. the reason for that is because of the fraud going around, those numbers can easily be copied and redeemed prior to the refund. therefore you must call the company that actually own the card wether it be verizon t-mobile greendot or paypal


call the money pak company. and that's a reload card.

read the info on card and online for the card. most places have no returns on such cards. but if you have the receipt and call the money pak company they will put it on a new card. some times the computers dont talk to each other.

some times the cards are messed up. if it was purchased and not used you'll be fine.

just breath and think about it. call the money pak company!


You will have to directly call Green Dot(the number should be on your card) about your problem. This IS NOT a Walgreens problem and they are not responsible for giving you your money back.


What customers don't understand about cards is Walgreens doesn't make any money at all off of them. It's long been Walgreens policy TO NOT do refunds on cards.

You will have to directly contact the company the card belongs to. There is also a multitude of other reasons as to why refunds are not given on cards............