Choctaw, Oklahoma
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I dropped off my prescription that I usually receive in McCloud at a Walgreens in Del City Oklahoma, I asked the attendant is there any way possible you can retrieve my insurance information from McCloud Pharmacy and was told yes, she wrote it down on the slip of paper. Went to pick up my prescription 5 hours later through the drive thru and was told it was not ready I needed to come inside.

Waiting inside I am hearing the attendant say to other customers, would you like to wait or pick it up later, waiting time is 25 to 30 minutes and here mine could not be done in 5 hours. So it is my turn and sure enough they retrieved NO insurance information from McCloud and since it was after 6pm they could not get the information til the following morning. I was livid! But on the sheet of paper that has my information on it, it clearly states insurance information needed.

I will not return to any Walgreens. This in no means was convenient to me at all!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

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I can understand your frustration with that. However, getting your insurance info is a COURTESY. All your problems would be solved if you had your damned insurance card.


Get your fat *** out of the car and walk in and get your prescription filled like every other person.