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After calling in my refill, and the automated system saying it will be refilled, and driving 35 miles ....Pharmacist Renee denied to give me my medication, then tells me to come back 2 days later they still play games AND NO MEDICINE!!!!!!!! .

I was told I had to pick up my med refill on June 9, 5 weeks after the previous refill, because she felt I was abusing this drug.Really?, if my doctor says I need it, and my insurance will cover it, what gives her the right to tell me when and how I should take my medication.I was lied to telling me my insurance wouldn't let me fill til the 9th, but I went to another pharmacy with the same refill, and it went right through. I called my insurance and they said they never denied the script. I see my Dr.

every 3 months, and she has no right to dispense my meds to her satisfaction.I will not be back unless this problem is fixed. Sincerely, Deidrea Stanke

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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Not to defend Walgreens, but I do agree with Dee. if the doctor re-writes the medication with an increase of dose and written down for verification incase an Audit happens and the doctors increased it enough to cover those 3 extra days, then I'm sure the pharmacist would have filled it.

By LAW they can not release a controlled prescription if they notice a pattern of early refills. Being a pharmacist isnt the easiest of jobs, but yet every one blames then when some thing goes wrong. Legally they are liable for every prescription filled medication. There have been plenty of doctors that ignore all early refills.

That means they dont care enough about you as a patient to keep you 'hooked' there are other types of medications that can controll pain, just happens that Norco is a controlled one and it is the Pharmacist Lience and job on the line if they were to release an early fill with out the correct documentation from the MD. So remember that the next time you want to blame the pharmacist.




Walgreens Pharmacists ARE NOT M.D.'S!!!I found out at my last Dr. visit that she even went so far as to call my Dr. office, to tell them she felt I was taking too much of my medication...they told her to mind her business and do her job!!!


You can report them to CONSUMER PROTECTIONS DRUG manager....I turned CVS in because they gave me someone with the same names, prescription at least 5 different times.

They also NEVER have any of my prescriptions in stock. That is so ***. It is their business. "We are out of it but I can order it and it will be in, in 5 days". FIVE DAYS? I need it today...HELLOOOO....Too many times this has happened so time for a change.

I am now going to the MEDICINE SHOPPE, where all they do is fill prescriptions. They always have all my medications in stock.


Pharmacists are worst than drug dealers. No compassion and a sincere ability to argue with people who didn't do anything they shouldn't of..! Its a power trip and its pathetic ..


ummm, if directions were followed, she would fill the scrip in 30 days, not 39!!!!p.s per directions, I would have run out 7 days early!!!!! She has the right to get a m.d if she wants to write my meds!!!!.


If directions were followed wouldnt be out early


The pharmacist does have a right. She has a right to keep her license.

If your career that you put tons of hard work into was threatened because of something so simple as filling a RX early, you'd probably do what was necessary to protect it. And legally, she has every right to deny the sale or fill of an RX.