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Responding to a Walgreens advertisiment, I took a perscription from another drug store to Walgreens in New Smyrna Beach, FL to be transfered. I told the Pharmacy Technician that I only wanted it transfered if the price was the same.

Walgreens transfered the perscription but only gave me 1/3 of the perscription. I did not discover this until I opened the perscription when I got home. I called them and they told me I had to join their club at a cost of $20.00 a year to get the entire perscription. The pharmacy tecnician was a real control freak.

I will never do business with Walgreens again and I will tell everyone I know the same.

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I can't even get the pharmacist at the Walgreens at 66762 to ever acknowledge me. They have always some dumb 20 year old college student working that has NO idea what he/she is doing.

The pharmacist hides out back in the shelves. I've never seen him/her.


Doctors are dumb. Go to a Urgent Care or an ER when your sick.

They load you up with pills and call it a day. 15 mins for $500. They give you whatever new drug the sexy skirt is advertising that week whether it is affordable or not.

If there is nothing they can do for you they send you somewhere else and still charge you. While insurance companies are going to slide by with whatever they can, pay the least they can, and hide behind a wall of confusion.:x


I have had 2 very disappointing experiences with Walgreen's pharmacy within the past week and will never shop at Walgreen's again. The automated messages are highly ineffective when the root of the issue is needing to call and update my insurance information despite reviewing and returning my card to me at drop off.

Two separate store locations too! First incident, I dropped of Rx in morning after calling to confirm availability of a specific drug. Then received three separate automated calls stating my prescription was being processed and pick up time delayed. OK, so what next....another of the same automated message.

After the third msg disrupted my busy day, I finally called to find out I needed to update my information!!! Then after I specifically stated a brand preference on drop-off picked up the rx and it was the WRONG brand!! I had to return it, they did not remove the hold, CVS pharmacists were more than helpful in getting my prescription filled and even had to call Walgreen's on 2 separate occasions after they had already confirmed to me that there would not be issues filling the Rx and they confirmed the same on CVS's first call. Incompetent, unprofessional, and unacceptable!!

Second incident occurred today and yesterday. Dropped off Rx at a different location, filled one Rx not the other. Told to come back in am, received multiple automated messages about delayed Rx...called directly only after wasting a ton of time trying to get past the endless automation that is completely useless. Finally spoke to a human who said 1 hour, just received a call that the Rx is NOT EVEN IN STOCK!!!!!!

Now, wouldn't it have been worth checking on that before I left the first time, which I thought had been done when I was asked if I wanted generic or brand. So now I get to go back yet again, to pick up my rx from walgreens and fill it at CVS, why didn't I just go there in the first place???!!

Who knows, all I know is that I am posting this on every website, consumer review site, ratings, and blog sites I can find. Not that I have the time, but in hopes that I can save someone else the hassles.


You question if I am ignorant. When I was assured the perscription would be transfered I assumed that Walgreens would transfer the entire perscription.

I assumed that there would be 90 pills. Insurance had nothing to do with it as I have no insurance to cover my perscriptions. That Walgreens technician was a control freak that should not have her job.

This all occured about a year and a half ago. I have done no business with Walgreens and neither has anyone in my family.


They do that so they can charge you more fill fees


Seriously are you that ignorant??Did you not ask why there was only 30 pills in your presciption?? Maybe it was your insurance??

I am so sick of people like you. You have no idea how your insurance works...maybe YOU should get educated...and stop blaming Walgreens pharmacy technicians.


I just had the same problem although my perscription wasn't a transfer. I brought in the script from my Dr.

and the Phamacy tech told me my insurance only covered 30 pills. When I got home I called my insurance and was told it was 30 days worth, not 30 pills. Then I looked online and my perscription for 90 pills was cut to 30 pills. I never picked it up when I was told it was only for 30 pills, but the website shows the pills were picked up and the perscription for 90 no longer is valid!

Walgreens has done this to other people I know too. They seem to really do it for pain killers, probably so the pharmacy techs can steal them.

All of a sudden pharmacy techs have huge heads and think they are smarter than the Dr.s that perscribe the medicine. Avoid Walgreens!