Goose Creek, South Carolina

Doctor called in prescription to the spanish fort walgreens at 10am friday morning I stopped by at 6pm to pick it up and was notified that the location did not have my prescription in stock but would have it monday Unacceptable I asked then to check the daphne location which did have it Then had to wait for the prescription to be filled (15) minutes All Of my inconvenience and extra driving could have been avoided if walgreens would have called me to let me know the situation The worst part is this type of incident has happened twice before I have had it Switching to publix pharmacy and hoping for a little better customer care

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Customer Care.

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I have had lots of trouble just getting prescriptions filled by Walgreens. It's usually the story that my DR.

hasn't called it in, then I check back with the DR. office and they said they called it in 2 days ago. Back and forth. I have to call the DR.

over and the pharmacy.This has happened a number of times. They want to verify with my DR. Or they lie and say I have already picked it up.

Unbelievable...does every customer have this problem filling prescriptions??? How can they lie about this???


It's not good business to carry every drug under the sun so they can go out of date and build inventory f u and your doctor


Pharmacies cannot be expected to have every medication in stock at all times. It's your responsibility to check.

The pharmacy fills several hundred prescriptions a day and there literally is not enough time to call a patient every single time there is a problem.

Ideally we'd like to, but in reality it just can't happen. Your "inconvenience" would have been prevented if you had called ahead.