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hi i just got my meds from walgreens. i was told last month that if i would buy this discount card from walgeens i would only pay 20 dollars for it .

you will save 10 dollars on your meds every month and you will save 10 percent on instore use. last month i payed $83.99 and with my walgreens discount card i got $10 which made it $73.99. yea i got my meds this month and it was $93.99 and i got my discount for $4.99 . where is the $10.00 off PLUS they RAISED my meds by $10.00.

WHAT'S UP WITH THIS???? if you get this WALGREENS CARD YOU WILL GET !!!!!! YOUR MEDS RAIESD AND YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR DISCOUNT. LIKE THEY SAY when you talk to them they will tell you a whole different story.

i talked to the asst manager and she acted clueless. i talked to the pharmists about what i was told and she said you mean (SUPPOSEDLY ). I WAS telling them the truth,,, the last thing i would not lie for is a discount card ,, the big thing here is MR WALGREENS JR YOU NEED TO BE ON UNDER COVER BOSS AND TAKE THE ADD OFF T.V. IT IS ALL LIES, THEY ARE NOT THERE FOR THEIR CUSTOMERS .

I USESD WALGREENS A FEW YEARS AGO AND IT WAS THE SAME THEN AND THE SAME NOW. you think they would get their !!!! together..... you would think walgreens jr.

would pull his pepole in and fix the issues with the company. i have respect for others and would like respect from your employees and not be told i am lieing.


Review about: Walgreens Manager.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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If you have questions on state law you need the law guide for am best. But you are not going to enjoy reidnag that and it's not really anything you have to deal with.If it has to do with claims get to know the adjusters working for your company.

When you get a friendly one that sounds like they have been around a while start asking questions. I am more than happy to explain things to the agents. If they understand why I do what I do- it makes our working relationship better. Agents have been a huge asset to me and really helped me move a claim along.

An agent that does not take the time to get to know the adjuster or the claims process -tends to give well meaning but very wrong advice to the policyholder. This just makes the claim process much harder than it has to be. Most of the agents I have worked with over the years are great and really try to help claims out. But every now and then I get an agent that thinks that the claims dept is the enemy and only out to cheat the customer.

They think that making themselves the good guy and the claims dept the bad guy is good customer service. This is the wrong attitude.

A seasoned adjuster can be a great source of information for you. You may not always agree with how claims does things or why they do it the way they do but if you take the time to learn the process and understand it you and the adjuster can work together to help the policy holder through a difficult time.


Unfortunately, the pharmacist and assistant manager sound incompetent at that store. You can always call 1-800-WALGREENS (Option 4) and file a complaint that will go to the district manager. Request a call-back and do all of this in a calm and collective voice, not in caps and exclamation points.

The reason your scripts went up in price was that the plan changed which drugs it applies to. But it did it in a good way, it used to cover less than 2000 drugs, now it covers over 8000 different brand and generics. The pricing got shuffled around and it sounds like the staff did not want to take the time out of their day to look for a better price for you. If you currently get a 30 day supply, you might want to check into getting a 90 day supply (Pharmacist can check with your doctor to authorize a 90 vs 30 day supply). In most cases, 90 day supplies are cheaper than 30 day supplies (you may have seen the "3-fill" signage in stores..)

The price of the plan stayed the same. The $20 you paid is for the YEAR, and is 100% guaranteed to save you at least the cost of the plan. If you don't save the $20, Walgreens refunds you the difference.

Of course if the medication you are receiving is a narcotic, or other types of controlled pain killers, you better have a valid use for them because pharmacy staff can see right through peoples ruses when they come to fill their Oxy. etc.. but have untrustworthy/unverified doctors.

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