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As a child, I had a disease, that's death ratio, to this day is 99%. So I had to start using Pharmacy's from a young age.. I was 12 when I had the disease, & I'm 51 now.. Do the Math.. I don't like talking about it ... ;)

My first experience with Walgreen's.. Over the years, I had to have 2 legs amputated, many skin grafts, & bone grafts,3 Esophagus operations, 2 spine fusions, & countless other repairs, from the damage the meningococcal meningitis did as a kid. My point is, I've had more then my share of prescriptions (RX) over the many years Post Meningitis. Walgreens, was the pharmacy, that my mom took a RX to.. And that RX was to only hold me over the Christmas Holiday. The doctor let me have a, "Leave" As he called it) to go home for Christmas, to spend the Holidays with my brother, sisters, mom & dad. I remember mom coming home angry because, the Pharmacy refused to fill the RX, telling her that, "They didn't have any in stock". That excuse has been used over, & over again... (with me)

My last experience was Walgreen's was more recent. Apparently, Walgreen now has a Questionnaire (so to speak) when scheduled Scripts are brought into their stores. I hadf heard just in the past year that Walgreens had changed towards Chronic Pain Patients, & or just someone with a Scheduled Prescription. Since one of the stores in town was a 24 hr store, I decided to give them another try. What a Mistake! They are worst then ever!

I had been suing the Pharmacy for over over a year, to fill my injections. But one day (Since I hadn't had any issues.. i realized later that I didn't have issues because i had not filled my pain killers there), after a year of getting most my meds there.. I drop off my RX, to be picked up later... because they were really busy. About 10 minutes after i left the store, a pharmacy flunky called me, (because the pharmacist was to *** chicken to do it herself).. & let me know that, "Because I was a New Patient, they needed to call my doctor & ask him a couple questions before they could fill the RX." I didn't have any problem with that..So I say, Okay.. "call the doctor".. another 10 minutes goes by, & that same girl from the Pharmacy called me back, & said, "She was sorry, but the Pharmacist refuses to fill my RX", I asked "why"... she says, "The doctor refused to answer the questions asked".. "wow".. I said.. then it dawned on me.. I had been going to that store for over a year, & Had filled this same medication 4 months in a row.. so I say, "ya know.. you said, Because I was a New Patient.. you can't fill it till you get answers to a few questions.. I had been filling the same RX for the last 4 months, & getting my injections there, for over a year.. What Gives?!" She says, "Well, I can't tell you why the Pharmacist chose not to fill it.. What do you want me to do with the RX.. Hold on to it, I'll be in to pick it up in a few minutes."I talked to my doctors nurse after hanging up with her, & was told that, The questions they were asdking is protected under the Patient/ Doctor privilege, & We told her she needed to ask you those questions".. The questions are as follows...

1. They want to know the Diagnosis 2. They want to know what has been tried before Rxing the pain meds3. They want to know how long the doctor intends to prescribe the medication.

I was also told that, I wasn't the only patient they were harassing. According to the nurse, Walgreens HQ made that Policy, that Pharmacist get those questions answered by the treating physician. If the doctor won't answer, don't fill the prescriptions.

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this is a common issue with walgreens. they like to play GOD and wont even bother to get on the phone.

hiding behind a low level employee to is terrible.

YES SEND THE NURSE TO TELL HIM HIS MOTHER JUST DIED. Being a pharmacist at walgreens means not following the pharmacy oath


The pharmacist is breaking Hippa Laws.Unless he has a signed release from the patient he may not request that info.Both the doctor and the pharmacist must have a release signed by you.Any doctor who does give out that info to walgreens without that release is breaking the law.Good for your doctor for not letting wallgreens bully them into something illegal.


Yeah, that's not how Hipaa (you don't even have the acronym correct) works. If the medication is for pain, I'm guessing it's a narcotic.

A diagnosis is required for narcotics.

Doctors and pharmacists can communicate this info with each other, as well as the insurance company. They just can't gossip about it.


Have you ever changed doctors? Both doctors will ask you to sign a release to send your old records to the new one.Same thing he could have sued his doctor for giving that info without a signed release.That is the hippa law read it and educate yourself.I worked as a pharm tech for years and each year we had to do the hippa course and that is the way it is.Why some pharmacists think they do not have to abide by the law is beyond me.


Wow. As a patient you have a right to get a Rx from a Dr.

Then you bring that Rx to a pharmacist to fill. The pharmacist's duty and obligation to their own license and board of pharmacy is to verify the Rx. That it was written as a result of a proper patient-physician consultation and that it is proper med, dosing, and treatment for patient. The pharmacist has a right to know why the Rx was written and all necessary details.

It is their JOB to verify. I just want to educate, not argue.

Some of these blogs and responses are wrong and laughable. Anyone that has a problem with it, go out and get a badge and start helping to put the bad people that make these practices necessary behind bars.


I understand that you must be in pain and need your medication. As a tech for walgreens, however, the pharmacist reserves the right to refuse to fill any prescription that seems questionable or does not meet the requirements.

I am not bashing you or saying that you don't have the right to be upset. You need your medication. But the pharmacist called the doctor to get necessary info to fill the rx and the dr refused to give it to him. He, therefore, can lawfully refuse to fill the prescription.

Controlled medications are highly restricted and filling an invalid rx can cost the pharmacist his license. He did his job.

He did his part. If your dr refused to answer his questions it's not the pharmacist's fault.