La Follette, Tennessee

Not all Walgreen stores do. I have been using Walgreen for years in Kingsport, Tn west stone drive 24 hour one.

They are so nice to me never had no issues the lady pharmacists on night shift is the most courteous and helpful person I've ever known she is what a pharmacists should be.

I moved 108 miles to Lafollette, Tn I went to Walgreen store to transfer my meds right off they did not want to do a transfer said Sir just call us when you need a refill, so then I ask if they would fill my Percocet that the store I use where I just moved was out and Walgreen has a pain contract with me.

The pharmacists said no your Dr is to far away and even looked it up and seen I had been with them for years, but when I called my other meds in and I do have to take different types of meds it's a lot of money ever month the charge my insurance, but would not fill my pain meds.

so I changed to a closer pain center and went back to Walgreen in Lafollette that made me drive 4 hours to another Walgreen to fill my pain meds because my Dr was to far away and show them where im now going ( guess what now they to many pain contracts and told me to try C.V.S. across the street.

Could someone explain to me why im discriminated at one Walgreen and the other I was treated like a humanbein

with so much respect and kindness.

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You were not discriminate against. What you (a lot of others) fail to realize is there are laws and regulations that have to be abided by when it comes to narcotics.


So which laws did she break ? My non-Wallgreen's RPH informed me that the crazy rules that are adhered to differently at almost every different wallgreens are from a list of SUGGESTIONS issued by the DOJ/DEA after wallgreen's was caught dispensing Without a prescription out the back door and other lowbrow violations , including a scandal from a main W.G's distribution hub out of Jupiter, Florida.

This got them a 90 million$ fine and 99% of their pharmacists being turned into cold, callous, jr. g-man investigators instead of pharmacists. The problem is other chains (at least out west, so cal.) of pharmacies are starting to follow suit to avoid being on the DEA-DOJ naughty list.

What a mess. The dealers have multiple suppliers and will not be hurt like the law abiding citizens.