I've worked for Walgreens for almost 12 years now (since I was 19) and the way they are running the company now, compared to back when I first started, is a complete 180. I'm a hard worker, I'm honest, I don't steal, I get the most customer compliments in the whole district, but yet I'm seen as a liability- a costly liability- because when corporate sees me, they just see dollar signs. They would love for me to quit so they can replace me with someone willing to do my job for minimum wage. What happened to seeing an employees' work ethic and loyalty to your company as the kind of employee you want working for you? They froze my pay over 2 years ago because they said I make too much for my job title as a Head Photo Specialist and the only way to get a raise (unless I move up) is to get an outstanding review. That's easy for me, I get perfect ones. Did I get a raise? Of course not. I got a lump sum of $100 in my account as my reward for my review for the whole year. I would rather get even just 5 cents more an hour! But no, same exact pay for over 2 years, not a penny more. Meanwhile minimum wage is going up so my coworkers who are new are getting their pay bumped while mine stays the same. And they're not frozen, so they can get raises. Soon, they will be able to surpass my pay and I'm stuck. When they tried to get me to become an "SFL" (as everyone else here has said, is a joke title- a manager all the same, just different title so they can lower their pay) my response was, "why would I further invest myself in a company that just turns around and treats us like ****? And they cut hours, pay, positions, etc. and turn around and open up 3 more new stores in the area and give them ridiculous unnecessary things like employee lockers with digital punch codes to open them! Why is that necessary? All we have is the standard master locks to open ours which works just fine! And they cut the SIMS position and gave all their duties to me! So now, I'm still head of photo, I get all stock checks & price checks, cover breaks & lunches, pull all outdates, am in charge of more than half the overstock bays in the stockroom, do smart count and price changes every day, pull outdates, stock cooler and Cafe W freezer items, and work every single truck day with only 1 other person! How can they say they are freezing my pay because I make too much for my job title, then expect me to go above and beyond my job title?? I drew the line when they told me that I would have to train in pharmacy so I can go back there and help them. Unfreeze my pay and I would be happy too, otherwise, NO WAY! And it's really nice of them to cut down hours so there's only a pharmacist working the ENTIRE DAY on Saturdays, not even a Tech to help her/him!! The customers constantly complain that there needs to be more staff to help out. That's out of our control, but still corporate blasts us for any negative feedback about it from customers! And if our sales go down, our hours get cut. I put up the price changes every day- STOP HIKING UP THE PRICES SO MUCH in just 1 swoop! Don't punish us if people can't afford to pay your ridiculous price jumps, when YOU'RE THE ONES DOING IT! If sales keep going down, it makes more sense to lower the prices, NOT increase them! Stop punishing us for something YOU have control over! And open door policy, yeah right! They say you can remain anonymous when calling but they say if you don't give your name, then no action can be taken about your complaint. So basically, they're just a therapist up until that point?

Hey Walgreens, stop taking advantage of the state of our poor economy as a tool to treat your employees like ***! Without us, you wouldn't be making all your money as easily as you are right now. Stop doing the pointless "Employee Satisfaction Surveys" each year too, because those are a joke. Don't tell us the survey is based on your experience working there at a store level, but yet word your questions in the survey with just "Walgreens as a company" and answer how happy we are. Of course a lot of us are not angry with the people in our store so you know we won't answer negatively. For example, one of the questions on there was "How satisfied are you with Walgreens as an employee?" Of course, the answer would be "extremely unsatisfied". But then my store manager turns around and says, "no, the survey is geared towards how happy you are with this store...not the entire company". So this way, to outside eyes, Walgreens can say, "no, our employees are happy with us! just look at their surveys!" SHADY!

And the sad thing is, even with all these complaints, they're still not going to care. Even if they happened to stumble on this site and read how their employees really feel, it won't matter one bit. They know exactly what they are doing and the outcome it's causing. The only thing they care about after all is said and done, is how much more money they can pocket. Get ready for more cuts and for things to get worse for the employees people! Those ******** have all the time in the world to sit around and come up with more ways to make more money by taking from us!!

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I worked for walgreens 13 years and was terminated because of smart counts. They said typing them in was falsifying documents.

When in the past I was told you can type them in. Has anyone else been fired over typing in smart counts?


Welcome to the new Walgreens. I hope the Walgreen family feel good about selling us out!


FYI, on those reviews you answer yearly, do you know why your manager wants you to answer about your location only? Their bonus is based off of the scores their store receives.

Corporate sets the goals they expect each location to make. If they make what is expected they get an average bonus, over expectation gets a better bonus, and of course under expectations gets less of a bonus. Just wait though, things are really getting ready to change. Things are bad now, but I expect them to get much worse.

I too have had my pay frozen for 2 years now. I've even gotten a promotion without out pay. At lot more responsibility, no raise. I personally think you should go for the SFL position.

It sounds like you are already doing most of the responsibilities anyway. Why not go for the title?

The only thing that you aren't doing at this point is being responsible for the safe and locking up. Best of luck.


Everybody's work is different. There are so much employees or managers that are able to take from working.

Clearly you don't know what others are going through with others. Maybe the best thing for you is to shut your mouth and mind your business. BTW, making assumptions or accusations about others is able to get you slapped.

Do you want someone to put you into your place! Because that is able to be arranged!