Rock Island, Illinois

I have been a loyal customer to walgreens for 15 years now, but today was the final straw. After beibg treated rudely by the pharmacists and techs both in Fl, Ca, and specifically Macomb, Il, I have finamly wised up and decided to transfer all of my prescriptions and business to CVS.

I feel that walgreen's must not implement any sort of customer service techniques; they must only focus on taking patients' money abd rushing them out the door. Today my purse was stolen which in itself is a nightmare with all of my credit cards, driver's liscence, money, etc. missing, not to mention my medication. I suffer from anxiety and depression and have taken the same medication for years without ever having a problem or running out early.

Today i called the Walgreen's in town to refill my two meds because it is highly recommended that you do not miss a dose or stop taking them abruptly as your body and mind will react very adversely. The tech that i spoke with was incredibly rude and condescending to me and implied that i probably had abused my medication and told me i could not refill them for another week even though I had already called my pbysician about the situation and had the refills okayed without any problem. I dont knkw who in their right mind "abuses" zoloft but i dont and i dont appreciate being accused of it. I realize the emoyees at Walgreen's deal with many rude customers abd ppl trying to pull one over on them, but how is that ny fault?

I wish they would think before they make serious accusations and condescending remarks because it's defnitely not fair that legitimate customers are being treated so outrageously! I will NEVER again so much as buy a .99 cent bottle of nail polish at walgreensfor let alone my medications. I hope consumers read this and heed my advice to avoid Walgreen's before they too experience the embarrassing and hurtful treatment i was so lucky to endure today. I am a patient and understanding person but there is only so much a person can take!!

I hope Walgreen's goes under with all the other money hungry rude monopoly corporations that are infesting our country. Be smart with your time and money; choose a pharmacy that has your best regards in mind.

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I work at Walgreens and almost all the time I'm happy and helpful. But....

It's hard not to get effected by a few rude customers in a day. I try to "kill them with kindness" and all I get is a kick in the teeth. So...

Customers treat store employees the way you want to be treated! "With Kindness and Respect" and maybe you'll get it in return!!!


Walgreens has always been one of the best stores I'd go to. Its funny you say you rather go to CVS when I would walk into CVS the employees would always walk right pass me.

Without a greeting or a simple 'are you finding everything alright?' I can honestly say I have never experienced that there... By the way, you're talking about the employees being rude, I can almost guarantee you were being rude and all stressed out since your incident. Sometimes people don't evaluate the things they do themselves. Im not saying this is acceptable, but employees are humans and everyone gets irritated.

A lot of customers are rude and ruthless, it gets to your head. Whether you have the paycheck in mind or not. Regardless one employee cannot stand for Walgreens in whole, its quite ridiculous that you could sit here and type about how you wont even go to Walgreens at all because you had one bad moment with them.

It makes me wonder if you dont have a job or dont work with customers.. probably not.


rory ppl come to work to do a job and speaking for my staff we are friendly and helpful. But we are NOT paid to take ABUSE. NO ONE is at any job.


Have also had issues with Walgreens and I would like to address the comments made by the mgr.

You are not doing a very good job with the customer service that you claim to have if your staff is taking their issues with others out on people who are not doing anything wrong!

I am sorry, but rule number 1 of customer service is treat the customer with respect!

It should not matter if the staff member is sick or mad or having problems with other customers, NEVER take your personal feeling out on customers. Especially, if they are coming to you for help! Do your job, the job you are paid for! There is not one person in that store not collecting a paycheck!

You making excuses for them is helping nothing and shows just how much you are lacking with customer service. People coming to you, for medication no less, most likely have their own problems and do not need any additional problems from you!

It is simple, do your job and learn to deal with people or I am sure there are 100 people waiting to take the position. There is NO excuse for being rude and guess what people don't want to hear what problems you are having with others because unlike you, we are not getting paid to take any abuse!


Your insurance probably wouldn't pay for it for another week. It doesn't matter what your doc says.

You could have paid cash for it or they could have tried to call your insurance for an override. They may have not communicated properly and for that I am sorry. Just know that we do care about customer service- but we only have so many hours for staffing and techs do have to deal with incredibly rude people who are mad about insurance that has nothing to do with us.

Call the store manager. We don't want it happening but may not know about it.


:) i completely agree! thank u for elequently and precisely describing what we are all thinking. *** walgreens and their rude hateful staff.