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I had just recently returned home from overseas. I was deployed to Afghanistan of over a year and I was looking forward to spending time with my wife and family but thanks to Walgreens and their need to work their employees to the bone and also thanks to lazy *** *** store managers my wife has not had the time to spend with family or me because she has to be at the *** store every day.

My wife work hours are all over the place. She is home late and gone early.

I truly want to thank Walgreens and its store managers for stepping up to the plate and allowing my wife no time off from work after her husband returned home from the war. I also would like to thank Walgreens for not shipping to APO's because the Soldiers of the arm forces don't need the *** that you sell and what you sell is the *** that we terminate because the *** that you sell is not made in the USA.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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To all you posting rude comments leave my country. I am fighting so you can have a peaceful country. You ungrateful brats.


It would have been nice if this man did not try to push people around and think he has entitlement because of his military status.


store manager with no college education? And our college educated can't find a job! something is so wrong.


Cry me a river we all know what we signed up for if you can't *** it and want to be a homemaker walgreens ain't stopping you good luck finding a job that pays as good I'n this economy


So if she doesn't like her job or the hours that she has to work, then why doesn't she quit? I'm pretty sure you have many more years to catch up on your "one year" away. You knew what you were getting into when you signed up. The same goes for her when she applied for the job. I'm pretty sure she has some hostility towards the fact that your job is doing the exact same thing to your family. Hint hint!

Words of a OIF/OEF vet...

But to be honest, I like being a civilian more.


Thank you WagMgr! Perfectly said.

I am a single mom with 3 kids and instead of complaing about the time I sometimes miss with my kids...

I am thankful I have a job to support them. Don't work in retail if you can't handle the schedule that comes with it.


I hope you aren't referring to any time off in the known black out dates for time off starting at the end of October! It's retail!

I am a salary paid Walgreens manager made to work 6 day work weeks in December for however long needed. I have an 18 month old daughter that couldn't spend Christmas morning with her mommy because I work for a high volume 24 hr store! Do you understand that there are worse things? I am so thankful to be 27 years old without a college education and well paid and taken care of for 9 years by walgreens!

I try and schedule my employees without turn-arounds and fairly schedule for holidays but unfortunately being open 24/365 doesn't always allow the luxury. We all have our dislikes with our or our spouses jobs.

I am *** sure she doesn't agree with you being overseas but it has to happen because that is what YOU signed up for, and when she took a job she knew what she was getting into! Be thankful for eachother and the live you share in the home you share it in and the telephone you speak to eachother on because you both earn an income!


it is a job!!!!


The military probably didnt give you time off to come home to visit your wife when she had time off. Its a job, youre there to work.

If you dont want to work, then quit. I want time off to pursue an acting career.

I hope my employer gives me that time off. Tough turd if there is work to be done.


it would have been nice if you had stopped at - "Thank you for your service to our country".


Thank you for your service to our country. That being sad, serving in the military does not automatically entitle you and/or your spouse to EVERYTHING you wish. You should be thankful you and your spouse are employed.