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I retired from the Walgreens company after 25 years and they gave me nothing when I retired. When I started with the company they promised us insurance rates after retirement comparable to current employees with low employee co-pays and as of today they are no longer providing either.

In fact, the insurance they sell us retirees that spent our whole lives working for this money greedy company is as high as anything you can buy off the internet.

Here is the kicker, even if you manage to get lower insurance through someone else, unless you pay the higher Walgreen rate you also don't get prescription discounts. Really, all I can say is there is no reason for me to ever shop at Walgreens again and thank God my 401K is not connected to a company that cares so little about anyone.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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If it makes you feel any better, CVS doesn't care about its former employees either. As a former CVS employee I was discarded like a piece of trash.


25 years is a long time, sad to see that you are not being treated like someone that put in most of your life to a company. I wonder if a 25 year stock holder feels as you do about walgreens. sad that the ones they make money off of are the ones suffering!!