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I started with walgreens back in 1996 as a stocker. I got promoted from within. I held many titles my last one being MGT-Assistant Manager. 

I had never been disciplined or written up for anything in 12yrs. Then 

someone calls the hotline or lps and states that there are employees 

working off the clock. Lps comes in and does his investigation and  

alleges I'm the one working off the clock. He didn't do a good job investigating. He had employees write false statements putting me at the store after hours. I tell you this cause the employee who wrote a statement, which I have a copy of it, was working at another store on the day he says he saw me at my home store. Go figure!! I told lps I have never worked off the clock but he made it personal and wasn't going to rest until he got me fired. He did but didn't have the guts to fire me himself, he had my store manager do it. I was told by him by phone that I was fired for being dishonest not for working off the clock. I told him he couldn't fire me for that because I never worked off the clock nor was I dishonest. He said the decision was made and that was it. According to walgreens policy, dishonesty is a violation to company policy as is sexual harassment. Here's a twist to this, I was transferred to the store I got fired from because another non minority male MGT had sexually harassed a female minor. 

Right there that MGT should have gotten fired. But no he didn't, why? I get fired for dishonesty. Did I mention I'm a minority? After I got fired I was told by other employees that this MGT got transferred again for harassing another employee. He is still working for walgreens.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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You must have been a pleasure to work with.

Yes, I am being sarcastic.


somehow, somewhere you are not been honest


LOL i'm not saying u are not telling the real story but if this is TRUE, u would be suing walgreens instead of BSing here :)


12 years and not a manager yet. you had no future there, should send them a thank you card. only manager can fire not lps and every termination is run through legal at corporate, so this story is bs.