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I know a local walgreens store hired a girl who wasnt even qualified as a pharmacist or tech to work in their pharmacy... Turns out she been swipping pills in small quantities at a time and selling them to her family and friends.

How *** is their inventory that they cant catch their employees STEALING DRUGS!?

I heard her bragging about it to one of her "friends" a big part of me wants to call the store and tell them what I know so they can press charges against her, but on the other hand I just want to let her get caught by the wrong person and have a huge lawsuit filed against walgreens. Maybe then theyll hire certified staff to work in their pharmacy!.

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in florida you must be registered with the board of health as a tech (with like 1500hr or something experience and/or PTCB certification)

and in walgreens you're SUPPOSED to have both ptcb cert and state registration to work in the pharmacy

although i know a few stores that allow people just to register with the state...(without certification) throw them in the pharmacy and make them work, but dont code them as a tech so they can pay them as a floor associate

the state registration is the only legal qualification so its basically a loophole to underpay pharmacy techs


we had an incident at a walgreens close by where an employee was stealing meds. the pharmacy manager knew notified loss prevention, and they told him to say nothing to the employ allow him to steal meds in order to build a case, because he was stealing large quantities they were trying to get him for intent to distribute but on video and they never got evidence because the pharmacy manager went off on him a couple days later and had to step down!

people are dishonest they put on a good show they can be very intelligent nice easy going even loyal and dishonest at the same time. its life it happens! but i can see how small quantities are harder to track but not for long! we double count our controls and i would have offered counting your pills infront of you after the first complaint just for quality assurance.

wrong meds are sold to patients its a rare but easy mistake to make especially when dealing with customers with similar last names! that is why we verify information like addresses and date of births a good way to ensure u get the right med always is to offer your ID and say here is my ID or the patient your picking up for and thier address is on there, in this case you do not have to say your address out loud either and if picking up a controlled substance you should have your ID anyways unless ur a regular customer and they know its YOU they should always ID for controls. people get offended when we ask for ID but its for thier own safty druggies will pick up other peoples medication if they know that person is on a controled substance.

therefore by writing down thier information if it comes up missing we know who purchased it! and can therefore inform you and notify authorities if that person was unauthorized.


I'm not sure how an employee stealing drugs leads to a lawsuit??? Also, when employee steal, they generally take it out of the stock bottle and not the patient's prescription bottle.

Small quanitites missing can be harder to track where the loss is coming from.

Also, you don't have to have special certification to be a technician. The pharmacist is there to supervise and verify that the correct medications are in the correct vials for the correct amount.


My local Walgreens stole about 5 pain pills from me after surgery. I couldn't believe they did that, I recounted a few times and had someone else recount to make sure I wasn't wrong.

I called them, and their manager said that his count was correct, and he himself had filled the prescriptions that night. I sent a complaint to corporate and they did nothing, not even contact me back.

Where do I go with this? Law enforcements?


Why are you so intent on taking down walgreens? How long had this employee worked there?

Maybe she was a model employee at first, and then transgressed into her present state? Just because there's one sour fruit doesn't mean you throw away the whole batch. There are lots of dirt bags out there, but there are also a lot of good, honest people working at walgreens. You, trying to ruin the business could send people, which could send jobs away, in this economy, not a smart move.

Who knows. Maybe you'll get so desperate, you'll work at a walgreens too.


They won't do anything, you can call corporate if it happened to your script, but other than that they won't do anything niether will the cops.

I had a pharmacy (Actually a CVS and walgreens) consistantly taking meds out of my pain bottles. I kept coming up short and was accusing people living in my house, called the cops thinking someone broke in and took them.

After all that I started counting them in the parking lot before leaving and every single time I was shorted between 2 and 40 pills.

I went in each time but was finally told I needed to either not open them and count them in front of the pharmacist right there at the counter or have him double check in front of me when picking them up otherwise they wouldn't give them back to me anymore they thought I was stealing them.

Turned out I contacted the local police and they contacted the DEA and I contacted coporate and after a huge investigation there were 4 employees stealing from all pain meds that were over 60 pills at one store and the one next to it had 2 employees doing it, then the DEA swept all pharmacies in our area and it was in the news there were over 50 employees who were arrested charged and all that for nipping off the top of prescriptions.

They have surveilance cameras but are not regulary reviewed unless there is a complaint or an issue.

Heck walgreens gave me someone elese medication in my husbands bottle had I not known what it was supposed to look like he could have been killed, it was super serious they just gave me the right meds for free that was thier solution.


Call the cops? Are you guys serious?

They won't do anything unless they see the suspect committing the crime.

Heck, they won't even sit, wait and watch! You guys are funny!


You don't need a certification in many states to simply work in a pharmacy. (You don't in NYS, anyway).

How do I know this? I work in helping get people jobs as a living and come across positions in drugstores and supermarkets like this all the time.


I'm sure she was simply trying to act "cool" in front of her friend.

And what does this have to do with you? Did she steal from you?

Why can't people mind their own business.

Don't call the cops, she will have shop lifting or even grand thief for the rest of her life and God know what else they will charge her with. It will be next to impossible for her to get a job she will struggle THE REST of her LIFE. This could make her a drug addice,***,killer or something else. All thanks to you.

If anything talk to her your self just to scare her.

People need second chances.


I'm sure she was simply trying to act "cool" in front of her friend.

And what does this have to do with you? Did she steal from you?

Why can't people mind their own business.

Don't call the cops, she will have shop lifting or even grand thief for the rest of her life and God know what else they will charge her with.

If anything talk to her your self just to scare her.

People need second chances.


Fake/bogus complaint posted by either...

#1 an ex-employee who got fired!!!

#2 guy who this girl told to get lost.

#3 more than likely both of above!!!

#4 a bitter example of male/female human who applied for job, and was not hired, after background check said NO WAY!!!


Call the cops, theywill definately go check it out. Anything drug related, they get all over it!


So why not call a local news station and have them go undercover in the pharmacy to catch her on camera? This way, she is exposed and so is Walgreens?


Thats ridiculous!!!! You should call your local law enforcement tip agency and rat the girl out. That walgreens store manager who hired her will have their *** on the line, one for hiring a non certified employee and two, not keeping proper inventory on prescription drugs in the pharmacy, my guess is shes stealing from customers prescriptions and not the inventory itself if she hasnt bee caught yet!