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Ever since the implementation of Walgreens 'Good Faith Dispensing' program that has pharmacists second guessing Board certified pain management Doctors,  it has become a nightmare getting prescriptions filled. What's especially bad is when ones prescription plan is Walgreens since my spouse is a manager with nearly 20 years and I am disabled due to several painful autoimmune disorders including mitochondrial myopathy,  polymyositis,  Addisons disease, as well as degenerative disc disease and severe arthritis in both knees.

I have been on various pain regimen's for 10 years with no issues until this asinine policy was put in place . Because of policy changes within Walgreens,  pharmacists now report directly to the manager. My partner has the misfortune of having a very antagonistic relationship with the head pharmacist and he has used this policy as an excuse to get back at my partner by saying he is no longer comfortable filling it. He had filled it prior to the policy.

My spouse brought it to the attention of the pharmacist district supervisor who said he would fill it just this once but never again, not addressing the fact it had never been an issue before or why it was being an issue now. When the prescription was reissued I actually called him to see if he would tell me that and I recorded the call (allowed in Texas) and he flat out told me he did it only as a favor and wouldn't fill it again as for possible ramifications). I was told I was lucky he hadn't entered it in the Intercom Plus (an internal Walgreens system) as a denial or no Walgreens pharmacist would fill it.  Now I have a Walgreens pharmacist who will fill it but can't or isn't allowed to carry the quantity in stock.

He is allowed to order it once I bring the prescription. He orders all new meds just once a week. I brought it in and was told the order was placed the day before.  It would be 7 days before it was in.

7 days of massive pain,  sleepless nights, even taking Ambien and a new muscle relaxer with a built in sleep aid. I slept a total of 19 hours over those 7 days. My spouse went to pick up my prescription and guess what. It didn't come in.

Now I am supposed to wait 7 more days. I don't have the option of going elsewhere as we are STUCK with Walgreens since they force us to use them.

Tomorrow I file a complaint with the Texas Insurance Comission,  Illinois Insurance Comission, Texas Attorney General,  my Congressman and Senator. I am in so much pain that killing myself seems my only option thanks to Walreens actions and incompetence.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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Go to wallmart to have it filled.It will be very cheap there.You do not have to go to Walgreens.Walmart also has a large formulary where 90 day supply of many meds are only 4 dollars.


I feel so bad. and they say to not wish bad on others but what if this phamracist child was ill with cancer and the only thing that would allow him to keep food down was pain meds.

so so sad that they take the oath and do not follow the oath.

good luck in your fight call every single congressman you can, email every single day, call every single day.