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I have been employed by Walgreens for 25 years...till today I have not received my 25 year pin or anything else. .Nobody seems to care about the loyalty I guess...and I have never felt so unapreciated ..all I want is my pin ..IS THAT TO MUCH TO ASK..?

IM very very disappointed on the way this company works..No self steem for me as an employee. .My son works at Walmart and he got a Plaque for employee of month and Bonus..what have I gotten from a company that I promote PSC cards and have held high records for it?!! Again very disappointed in DM's ..when other employees ask me what I got im embarrassed to even say anything. .even to my family/friends.

.All I want is my pin..and maybe I shouldn't ask for that either. .I feel like I have to beg..Not the way I thought this company was..I was very excited to be with the company as my 25 year anniversary approached..MY CONGRATULATIONS ..MY PLAQUE..MY PIN.. as ive known it to happen .NOW I DONT WANT NOTHING..But i honestly think Walgreens should be more caring..I guess im just another number..My enthusiasm with this company has deflated. KEEP UR PIN..N ANYTHING ELSE THAT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE MINES!!

im juz very disappointed at the way I have been treated as an employee. .

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Congrats on 25yrs! Walgreens is all about numbers!

And being the number one healthcare provider.

But they have a lot to learn like respect, compassion, loyalty! They need to live up to there new moto's that all employees need to memorize!