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I am stuck between a rock and a hard spot. The only reason Walgreens receives my business is because they are the best worst pharmacy in my area and they are 24 hours.

Kroger hires incompetent people to run their pharmacy, no need to mention CVS. Anyway, Walgreens!!!!! Anyone I have spoken with, that has been a patron of Walgreens, has had a bad experience with Walgreens at one point or another. The biggest problem I have experienced has had to do with refilling a prescription.

Most of the time it is a refill that needs a doctor's authorization. Every time it's the same. I call my doctor to let them know in advance. I have tried going through the pharmacy first and the doctors office first.

The problems is sending a fax to Walgreens. It doesn't matter if the doctor sends in the RX or if I try and refill it through Walgreens. The result, or lack of result, is always the same. Walgreens never seems to receive a fax, or when they do it is 5-6 hours later.

Their irritated response is always the same. "your doctor has not yet faxed it over" now someone is lying. I used to give them the benefit of the doubt until recently. I was waiting for paperwork at my doctor and I watched the nurse fax over three scripts so they would be ready when I got to the pharmacy.

It was about three hours later when I showed up to the pharmacy and they told me my doctor had not sent the prescriptions yet. After arguing with her, she checked the fax machine and there was nothing. Her co-worker accidentally threw away some faxes, among them, my scripts. This was one instance I could dismiss as miscommunication, but this kind of service seems to happen every time a fax machine is involved.

Today, I was given a reason why their faxes take so long (sarcastically) . "The faxes are sent through an external server".

I will leave it at that.

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@Lake Providence Louisiana SSI Crazy Money

I can only assume the vague context of a Google search result mislead you to this thread. Not gonna lie, although this is totally the wrong thread for your complaint, I’d really like to hear more about what you have to say and possibly elaborate a bit more on this one. I’d be willing to bet you might have a bit more to say?


Its been since Friday and Walgreens in searcy Arkansas say "they havent received a fax" the doctors office has sent one over and over! Very very unhappy


same issue at the walgreens I use. I have to have my dr refax my scripts every time!!

There's something terribly wrong with their system. I hear other people complain about the exact same thing!


WOW!!! I love Walgreen's as I used them form all of my prescription needs.

now onto my business side... We have an analog (Frontier communications Lines) fax server with 8 modems on it. We have no issues sending to any Pharmacy across the country with the exception of 1 Pharmacy. they tell us and the customer that we didn't send it.

We've worked with our vendor, with level 1 and level 2 at Walgreen's, along with Frontier Comm. Everything is working on our end. I can take a fax, send it to a Walgreen's anywhere in the country, they receive it but when I sent it to this particular Walgreen's they do not receive it. Funny thing is If I send it from a regular fax machine they receive it just fine.

I am completely baffled at this time. The last comment that we received from Walgreen's is that their level 3 support has bigger fish to fry and we are only one small clinic. they will get to us when they do and it may take a few months. That last comment is what I have a problem with.

Oh and did I forget to mention that 4 weeks ago, they made a change at this store. Which is when we started to have problems.


Your doctors lie to you, and tell you it's our fault so you don't get pi.ssy with them. Happens ALL the time.

They say "oh we sent it" knowing they haven't. That's why right after you call them and ask, it magically appears in our system. Because they realize it didn't get sent and THEN they go and send it. They don't even go to a fax machine.

They don't even get printed off. Therefore they do not get thrown away. They show up in our system just like an e-scribe which is an image of the fax they sent, and we just type it everything into our system. For it to be printed, the person typing all scripts would have to pull up the image, hit print, go to the printer and then throw it away.

It doesn't print by itself.

So your doctors are full of Sorry but MD's are not the gods you all think they are.


I fax to them in my area all the time for our hospice patients. They always tell the customer they don’t have it.

I have literally sent the fax and went to go pick it up myself.

They tell me that the doctor didn’t send anything and I’m like I’m the one who sent it. Then they go in the back and it magically appears.


The gist of this 'complaint' I can vouch for and so can everyone I know personally in regards to Walgreens.

Whenever a company becomes as large as Walgreens has become the quality control is going to go down. Period. This is a fundamental law of business, period.

Walgreen's, just as any business has some fantastic employee's whether they are cashiers, stockers, pharm. tech's, or pharmacists. A job is a job.. no one is above the other we all need our food from the aisles as much as we need our prescriptions from the pharmacy.

That said -- just as any business of this magnitude,.. you are going to have mediocre employees (which will compromise the majority of staff of any such 'store'.. whether they are getting paid $10 an hour and running the cash register and other general duties -- or they are pharmacy tech's making 9-14$ an hour - or the pharmacist on duty making 45-65$ an hour.

Before anyone disputes wages,.. my occupation is a corporate CPA and a large part of what I do is audits of companies such as Walgreen's, CVS, Walmart, Lowes, Dept. stores, and many other chains. (No it isn't all internal, there must be peer reviewed audits in accounting). As such I get hourly and salary ranges across the entire country.

If curious --

A pharmacist as of May 2013 makes an average of $55 an hour (across the nation) AT Walgreens.. and the range is between $46 on the low end, and $65 on the high end.

A cert. pharm tech averages $11.94 an hour - ranging from $10 - $20.

A non Certified pharm tech -- avg: $10.70, range = $8-$16

A general Service Clerk averages $8.25, ranging from minimum wage about $7 to at the high end $11 per hour.

Senior cert. pharm tech's make an avg of $14.25 (certified pharm tech's with, hopefully, a great deal of experience) -- ranging from $12 to $20 per hour. Any pharm tech who is making $20 per hour is doing quite well for the education required (Glad for them.) Usually the higher wages are in higher cost of living areas.

I could go on to photo specialists, Managers, pharmacy interns, Cashiers, Beauty Advisor's etc.. but you get the point.

My point here is the size of the company -- looking at my spreadsheets they have over 8,000 stores and growing monthly -- they have over 2 Billion customers they can claim as business expense per year.. and this doesn't seem unreasonable.

In the last Fiscal year they have NET sales exceeding 72 Billion dollars.. which after you crunch the numbers equates to profits and free cash flow of 2.5 Billion.

The company is healthy, and while the recession bent the numbers a bit, it has held on well due to it's products and sheer size, and the markup on products.

Bottom line -- In a 20 mile area of where I live there are 7 Walgreens -- the problems the person experienced above I have personally experienced,.. with the faxes, with claiming to not have received phone calls and/or faxes from my physician. I've had to call my physicians office and report what the tech's tell me about not being called and not receiving faxes. The office would assure me they called about the prescription AND faxed. I call back,.. they still haven't received. You are left in a loop. So I just waited.

Magically the next day late in the afternoon two sets of the same prescription totally 10 refills appear -- obviously because the office did send the information and walgreens entered the information twice.

What does this prove? The office was right, and the Walgreen's staff was wrong. Now, I don't doubt the person who claimed not to have received anything was telling the truth as they knew it. However, it was obviously in there hands somewhere -- someone answered the phone call. Before "walgreen's employee's and supporters reply" a phone call is not the same as a fax. If a physician calls a walgreen's store and someone answers them, the doctor personally tells them the prescription information it was heard by an employee. Likely a tech, but possibly the pharmacist. The fax -- if they do have such a problem with delayed and/or lost fax reception due to proxy servers they need a system analyst to remedy the issue.

There is far too much riding on reputation and reputation to let simple things that can BE fixed with technology to let it slide.

I consider walgreen's ahead of the game with technology. However I also have had many problems with using the online system to refill prescriptions. Then when calling about the problem due to it not updating,.. or having a weird status going from in progress to something like "N/A" or "FL" hours after it was due to be ready (ie: Place online order at 8am, decide to give them plenty of time to have it ready and say have ready the following day at 5pm). The next day at 7pm, the status says N/A or FL -- I finally call after a day and a half.. and the tech or pharmacist has said twice (at two different stores) Oh,.. I forgot to press the button.

A few seconds later, it updates "Ready for pickup".

This isn't to rag on Walgreen's -- it is just to backup the original "complaint" and observation by this person.

Walgreen's isn't perfect.. the larger they get the more of this you will experience. Quality control comes down from the top -- if the top holds the store managers accountable (preferably through high incentives of store ranking with monetary compensation) then the store managers will hold the employee's to a higher standard.

Higher standards = incentive to provide the best customer service possible. It provides incentive for employee's of any grade to go the extra mile.. all of this equates to higher profitability for the company AND individual stores.

An example -- I have had both Kinko's accounts (when it was Kinko's it had over 1400 stores) -- They had one of the best models of management accountability and incentives on the planet -- they had mandatory (NCO) training for ALL employees regardless of level of position (minimum wage to management). This training was at minimum 2 weeks. The training was paid, and was 1 week of classroom training and 1 week of machine training so each employee would know how to do everything in the store. The profits of Kinko's were phenomenal.

They sold out to Fedex. Which is why Kinko's is now Fedex "Office". While still a very healthy company -- the profit margin and company profile has gone down quite measurably.. because these standards were lowered.

Will I leave Walgreen's -- no it's convenient.. I understand problems technical or from a bad or frustrated employee standpoint. But, berating this complaint is silly. What reason does this person have to Lie or tell anything but the truth here?

It is an observation, and any good businessman will know that criticism from customers is worth it's weight in gold. Many people simply cannot remove their personal feelings from criticism,.. those who can and objectively view it and make changes accordingly will benefit.



Whoops again, my bad. I did not account for additional comments renumbering previous comments.

If you will, count down from my comment preceding this comment and use the referenced "common sense" to appropriately apply my response to the intended recipient. Apologies.


Apparently I pissed off some trolling pharmacist techs and some have resorted to assumptions and name calling. I believe a rebuttal to some arguments made by each of you can be found in my original post. I guess I will try and make this shorter so it will not hurt your heads. The numbers listed coincide with each comment.

1.) * I did mention the external server and was told some faxes were thrown away by mistake, unacceptable!!! Had I assumed the staff designed the system, your assumption would have been correct. By the way, your sarcasm came off as a lame attempt to insult me.

2.) So angry you couldn't wait for the page to refresh; you sent it again?

3.) I have taken my business elsewhere. Clearly, this is my first return to this site, since my original post. Had we bet, I would have lost. However, this would have been foolish of me, as I made a reference to a local Kroger pharmacy. C'mon!!! As for "crying like a little girl", I have two responses: a.) you are right, I was. b.) a little confused as to the purpose of this site?

4.) See asterisk in my first response. My oh so wonderful doctor was never referred to as such. They too share part of the blame for my frustration. It appears they are more compatible with my new pharmacy. I have not had an issue since.

5.) I am grateful for this post. It is a prime example of Walgreen's staff. I will leave it at that. Maybe not, I have to elaborate..... Are you Asian?

6.) Thank you anonymous from Elk Grove, Ca. I appreciate your support.

I will end on this. There were assumptions made by all parties, including myself. I hesitated to respond, but decided to with no expectations. I know I will NOT change your mind on this topic. I had no intent of doing so. I may have gotten a little carried away, but "when in Rome". Whoops, a lot longer than intended. Acetaminophen or BC Powder can be found near the pharmacy towards the back of Walgreens.


I stumbled across this post while I was looking for something and I realize it's old, but I had to say something. I work for Walgreens and I'm very sorry that this had been happening to you.

Did they call the doc and ask then to send over a test fax so they could see what's going on? That would have been the first thing I would have done for you. My store is all about customer service and my job is to find a solution to any problem. All Walgreens stores should be the same way.

I'm sorry that some of the people on here are claiming to work for Walgreens, but yet they are being rude. I do not tolerate any of my employees being rude to anyone. I really hope that you come to back walgreens. You should speak to the store manager because they would not let this problem go without a solution.

Again, I'm very sorry that you had this problem and had I worked at that store I would have done everything I could to make it right. Thank you for reading this and be well.


instead of crying like a little girl why dont you take your bussiness elsewhere.

last i checked walgreens wasnt the only pharmacy in america

i bet you could find another pharmacy less than 15 minutes from your current walgreens

but no you will keep coming back to this website to moan

Common sense dumb ***


Just because your doctor's office hit send does NOT mean the fax went through. And yes, the faxes go through a server..they are not sent to an actual fax machine. If it is that big of a deal to you, tell your oh so wonderful doctor's office to CALL not fax.


You don't know anything for a fact, are you there when the office get the fax? So no you don't know.

Many dr office lie saying they sent the fax or didn't get the request I know this because I have caught them in the lie before. I know this is not always the case but don't always blame the pharmacy, it's the dr office too, if we try to call them for a refill they yell they don't have time and to fax it even when we are trying to call because they are claiming they did not get our fax.


Thank you!! Your post is right on the spot as far as what I experience every single time I need a *** refill with a doctor's authorization from Walgreens.

I get the EXACT same excuxe! "Your doctor didn't send us the fax" Let me tell you, if my Walgreens staff was 1/1,000,000th on the ball as my doctor's staff is I'd be in love with Walgreens. I know for a FACT that my doctor's office is razor sharp about sending things that are requested and they do it IMMEDIATELY upon request. Regardless, I go through what you do too EVERY SINGLE TIME I need a refill with a doctor's auth for it.

It's such BUNK about them not receiving the fax from the doctor. Just like you, I know for a fact my doc's office is sending them and sending them immediately. In fact, the last time this happened (two weeks ago) I contacted my doc's office and spoke to the person who sent the fax for the refill auth the week prior. I told her that my Walgreens was claiming they never received it.

She was furious because she most certainly did send it. She keeps notes on what she does, what time, to what fax# etc and recited back to me the number she sends it to, etc. She called them personally to speak to the Pharmicist that told me this and complained to them for saying that her office didn't send something when they most certainly DID! This BS about them not getting the fax caused my refill to be a week late.

The inept pharmacist I was dealing with had an attitude about it all on top of it. This was their fault (per usual) and she gives me attitude (per usual)? I just hate going to this place but I don't have any other options in my area. I'm stuck.

AWFUL PHARMACY! Can't stand dealing with them!