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Ever since I started work at Walgreens I have had nothing but problems there. Especially with this new employee. For the sake of privacy we will call her J.

Well J is for lack of a better term, an obnoxious ***. But me being the nice person that I am, I try to make the best of things and ignore her rather rude commentary as well as do my best to be nice to her.

J and I never really had a real fight per say but we have had disagreements. However, we are adults and I do my best to keep disagreements civil and professional.

These disagreements were always about work, such as, who is going to put the reshop away or how to do a certain task on the job. Also, disagreements about policies such as, can we buy out change from another register, and who is allowed to have our employee discount.

Though these were the disagreements we had, there were times where I have felt personally insulted or even harassed by J.

One incident happened about 2 months when J directly called me fat. I personally told J that I was offended by this in a calm manner saying, “That was really rude,” and she instead of apologizing, chose to try to justify her insult by saying, “I’m calling you healthy.”

I took this to management to get it resolved, and J and I both were spoken to by management. I felt more action needed to be done but accepted what was done and moved on.

I have severe anxiety disorders, which sometimes causes panic attacks in even my work environment as well as home. It is unknown what triggers my panic attacks as they seem, to me, to come out of nowhere.

However, I can always feel when one is about to come on, and I take action to try and calm myself so that I can move on with my day and finish out my shift.

About 1 month ago, I felt a panic attack coming on and I used my 15 minute break at work to listen to a relaxation tape made by Jonah Scott.

J was in the break room along with 2 of my other co-workers, and I had explained to everyone there that I was on the *** of a panic attack and that I would need to listen to this recording. I informed them that I unfortunately had forgotten my headphones and to please bear with me and they all nodded and said it was not a problem.

Halfway through the recording when I was finally starting to relax, I heard J tell one of my co-workers that it sounds as if I am preparing for sex.

I was appalled by this statement and it even hurt my feelings.

Once again, i took this to management and never heard if anything was actually done about it. But once again, I let it go and moved on.

Finally the big event happened. A couple of weeks ago, I caught J allowing her fiance to use her employee discount. Now I was told that fiance’s are not allowed to use the employee discount, as my mom’s fiance was refused it.

I figured maybe J just doesn’t know and maybe she misunderstood the policy. So I went to the manager on duty and informed her what I had witnessed and explained that maybe she just doesn’t know.

Next thing I know, J came to me at the register and blew up at me. She told me she would not speak to me except for work-related topics and that I need to stop acting like I’m all walgreens because I’m not.

Again this was taken to management, and again, I had not heard if anything had been done about it.

Well today I went in and discovered that J had accused me of following her home, when the truth is we just happened to be going in the same direction.

One night on Feb. 23rd I had asked to leave work an hour early before my shift ended. I wasn’t feeling well, my energy was leaving me from all the stress of home-life and work piled on me, so I just couldn’t do it anymore.

As I left the store I realized J was walking in the same direction where I was heading, which was to the hospital my mom works at to go start up her car and warm it up for us to ride home in.

I called out to J one time, she never turned around so I figured she didn’t hear me and I left it alone.

As we were walking I noticed J dropped her bags, I tried to catch up to help her pick them up, but she had gotten everything gathered before I reached her.

She turned down a different street from where I was going so I shrugged it all off and kept going to the hospital.

She told everyone that I had continued to follow her down her street, and that I made threatening remarks.

The remarks I had made were, “Hey I saw where you live the other night, and I saw you drop your bags and tried to catch up to help you out, but you got them all picked up before I got there.”

She also told everyone that she RAN AWAY from me. None of that was true.

Well because of her allegations, I am now fired from walgreens for "Workplace Violence." In no way was I ever violent towards this woman. I always took everything to management and avoided personal confrontations with her.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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Illinois is an "at will" state, which means you can get fired for just looking at the boss sideways. makeshift_heart, quit your whining. Sounds like you got what you deserved either way.


@ Makeshift-heart. You yourself said that you told this lady that you were going to slap her.

That is grounds for an automatic dismissal *** I walk down public roads but I don't go chasing down women who run from me. Actually women don't run from me, but they don't actually fear me and I don't threaten them like you do. Oh NOW they investigated your situation and they're saying you didn't do anything wrong. How convenient for you.

Regardless of what you say, there are neighbors who say you stare up at her home. Cops are not dumb, no matter what YOU think.

If they sided with her, and if some people are calling you things like rapist and you're acting like a stalker, chances are, that all those people can't be wrong and only you are right. I think it's time you quit while you're ahead, pal.


Again if you read all the comments like you claimed to have done you would have seen that I did not post the comment which talked about me supposedly staring at the woman's house. Notice that comment that acts like me is the only one that doesn't have an avatar. I could really care less if someone on the Internet believes me or not.


Why would I bother with an avatar, nutjob? If you don't care, then why do you continue to try and defend yourself, make comments and then make the observation that I don't have an avatar?

What difference does that make? I don't have one, because I have a life; clearly you don't. This website is for sporadic complaints about certain products or services. This is not FB.

I'm not here to make friends. It's obvious you care more about what people think about you. I can read. You can't comprehend the fact that no one believes you.

You said it yourself, did you not say that you threatened this woman with hitting her, thus you got yourself canned from Walgreens for threatening violence and then you come on here complaining about it. Who in their right mind is going to keep you as an employee? You have no footing. You were justifiably fired.

You have mental issues because you take pills for panic attacks. Clearly you cannot handle stressful situations and then you're also paranoid to the point you think that people are talking about you when you have headphones on. Then with everything else wrong with you, you're upset that I don't take the time to set up an Avatar? I have one for FB, stalker.

I don't need one for this website. YOU DON'T CARE? Yeah you do. You'll continue to comment because you do care.

I care to comment. Why? Because I don't like you. You're a nut.

You threatened violence against a woman. You're spineless. You're not a man. Even threatening to raise a hand to a woman doesn't make you someone anyone wants to associate with.

I believe you were watching her home. I believe the police officers know you by name which is why the sided with her and others. Like I told you before, crazy, quit while you're ahead, but now you should quit while you're behind. No one believes you.

No one cares. You have no true complaint. You just came on here so people can side with you and feel sorry for you but it backfired. You'e only made yourself look more guilty.

Hope you're seething with anger and guilt.

I'd say go pick on someone your own size, but I bet you like to harass and threaten women. Stalker!


Is makeshift_heart a man?!?! I always assumed it was a woman (due to the whining, passive aggressive behavior, and use of inappropriate relaxation tapes in public settings). Not that that makes the stalking or dreams of slapping ok.


It actually doesn't matter about the avatar. That person, whether it's you or not, doesn't make you appear more or less irrational than your original post makes you appear.

The comments from you and non-avatar you are not a night and day difference. They're more like a night and a slightly later that night difference.


Let me sum it up for ya makeshift heart. Makeshift heart = Stalker.

Nice of you to threaten to smack a lady, chasing after her, knowing where she lives, etc. Even I don't know where my co-workers live.

Good going wacko. And you wonder why you got fired.


There are three sides to every story. Yours, theirs and the truth.

Frankly, you don't sound very innocent in all this, however you're constant reminder that you have panic attacks sounds like some kind of sympathy card you probably overplayed. PA are terrible, I know, but I don't go around harassing and stalking people and then claiming PA. If you were so wrongly fired, then why aren't you filing a grievance or seeking the help of an attorney since PA are legit diseases. Unless you're hiding something and not telling us the full story.

Yeahhhh, that's what I thought. Telling someone "I saw where you live" is pretty threatening and very stalkerish too.


LOL, the first sentence of your posting, you stole that line off me. I have used it here off and on for years, didn't use it for the last 12 months or so, said it not too long ago and the next day I noticed you using it constantly...I should have copyrighted it, lol


Who cares. No one can steal lines from anyone.

You can't copyright a sentence, ***. You noticed? Now you're stalking me too? ToughGuy14 is right.

I think you're the wacko who got fired too.

Up your lithium. LOL!


Lol!!!!! If you attempted to copyright it then the person who FIRST said it like 500 *** years ago could sue you.


Sorry to burst your bubble but YOU did not make that line up. :grin


I don't go around harassing or stalking people either. I prefer dealing with my own business not theirs.


Well tard, if you dealt with your own business, then you wouldn't be posting your business online for the world to see, now would you?

First Born Triplet

If you don't like her and don't get along why do you want to help her with her bags? You seem to be causing as much problems to the situation as she is.


That's a load of bull. It also can't be called "workplace violence" if it didn't even happen at the workplace, and also because you did nothing violent.

@Former BK Employee who quit du

How would listening to a relaxation tape in a Walgreens break room in front of a bunch of coworkers (one of whom you don't get along with) be relaxing at all?? Even with headphones on it still would be the opposite of relaxing.

Why didn't you step outside to listen to it? Why subject your coworkers to your heavy breathing when they're just tryin to sit down and eat their lunch?

As far as the employee discount goes, an employee's fiancé and an employee's MOM'S fiancé are two totally different things. Can your husband use your employee discount? If so, then J's fiancé can probably use hers.

If J's cousin's fiancé wanted to use the discount, the manager would most likely say no.

When you were following her home--oops, I mean coincidentally walking in the same direction towards her house, why would you call out to her in the first place? If I had an enemy at work I wouldn't want to talk to them on the clock and certainly not once i'm off the clock. And you want us to believe that you had any sort of desire to help her pick her stuff up off the ground?? Yeah right.

If she really is mean to you then no one would blame you for secretly laughing when you see her drop her things. But I think you're just as nasty as she is and maybe more. You also sound like an attention w*ore crybaby. Stop being a know-it-all tattletale and maybe your coworkers will like you more.

Don't worry about what everybody else is doing, worry about yourself.

And for real, stop with the tapes in the break room. No one wants to hear that s*it.


All because you wouldn't help someone despite not liking them doesn't mean others won't. I actually am a nice enough person who would help a person no matter what my feelings are towards them.

I don't care if you believe that or not it doesn't bother me. Also, they were not on their lunch they were on their break and were about to leave in 5 mins, whereas I still had ten minutes. There were only 3 people in there, and all of them I was comfortable enough to be around. Despite not getting along with one.

Oh and another thing, there is no heavy breathing on my relaxation tape.

BTW the policy actually does say, "Fiance's are not allowed discount." And it states that if you live in the home with your mom her and her husband can get your discount.

And if another employee is harassing me, of course I'm going to be a "tattletale".

I'm not going to sit there and take the bullying. I know how employers react towards someone standing up for themselves, so I let the management handle the problem for me.


1. I spend a good part of my day cheerfully helping people I don't like too much so it's not beyond the realm of possibilities for me.

The difference is I get along with these people. We don't have an ongoing conflict like you claim to have with J. We've never even had 1 conflict. They have no idea that I don't utterly enjoy their company.

The situation you laid out between you and J is the complete opposite.

2. Who was or wasn't in the break room at the time is irrelevant. My point is that, regardless of how comfortable you feel around your coworkers, how could you fully relax knowing that your archenemy was lurking about? Furthermore, just because YOU might've been comfortable in that strange situation, what makes you think any one else in the room was?!

It's not a break room activity! If you were fully able to concentrate on the recording and tune everything else out, then how do you even know what she said? Maybe she wasn't even talking about you! Why would she say it sounded like you were getting ready for sex?

Was the guy on the tape saying stuff that would make her say that? Whatever, listening to that in the break room probably created an awkward environment for everyone else when it's supposed to be A BREAK ROOM!!

3. About the fiancé thing, fine, whatever. Maybe that's corporate's rules but individual store managers sometimes use their judgement (and I'm sure bias) and bend the rules depending on the situation.

An adult employee's mom's fiancé is a stretch though no matter how likable the adult employee is.

4. There's nothing wrong with standing up for yourself, but supposedly being called fat, calling her out on it, then her backtracking and saying she meant you're healthy, does not constitute harassment. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt that the incident even happened like that, I'm sure it didn't.

Tattletale also referred to you telling on her over the fiancé thing. When she got mad at you for telling on her she told you straight out that she only wanted to talk to you about work related issues from now on.

So what work related issue were you trying to discuss with her that day you were following her home? Why would you not respect her wishes?

@Former BK Employee who quit du

You are correct, there was one incident that I was having an anxiety attack and she just got the worst of me and I threatened to smack her, I would never smack a lady. Dealing with her was too much that day.

That is when she thought I was following her home.

Her house is near my house and she had her neighbor call the police on me when he saw me walking down the street, he said I paused at her house and stared at her house but this was not true. So not only did this *** get me unfairly fired she had her neighbors treat me like a rapist, and the police sided with them.


I would like to make it clear that I did not write this comment. I never threatened to smack J and I would REALLY like to know how I can be "treated as a rapist" when I am female.

Also if you actually took the time to read my complaint you would see that I stated her home was in the same direction of my moms work and is actually nowhere near my house.

Since leaving walgreens I have not needed to go down that same street ever since and I am so very thankful for that. Nice try buddy but the real makeshift heart is the one with the froggy icon.