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I had the worst experience at the Centerville and kempsville road locstiom in Virginia Beach VA. My wife sent me out to get first aid supplies for our son Friday 01/30/15. I came in before closing around 9:50pm . I walked past 3 employees and said hello with a smile. After looking thru the vast wall of first aid I selected what we needed. On my way to the front of the store I picked up a couple other items.

I waited patiently for a minute or so. I then called out for someone assistance. The store was quiet. I walked to the sliding door and it did not move. I then realized that I had been locked in by the staff. After calling the store phone number, I informed the staff (all in the back room) that I was inside. They came up to rush me out of the locked doors.

I calmly asked to pay for my items first . I was informed that the "register was counted and put away" and that even if I paid cash they would not accept my payment. I then respectfully told them why I was there and that I would happily over pay and they could keep the change (just ring it up tomorrow when they opened). She refused to be of any assistance. I could see that she didn't have the authority to help me and this wasn't her fault.

I requested to see the manager (Elliot) and explained to him that I only wished to give them money for the items I wanted to buy from their company. I explained that I wasn't mad about being locked in, nor was I uspet with his employee trying to do her job. I was still calm all the way thru the process as I explained to him that I too am a manager in the business of dealing with the public. He showed zero respect or concern for my complaints. It was obvious my issues were falling on deaf ears.

I can not believe that a company would employ a manager that shows ZERO ability to adjust to customer concerns and offer solutions . I was not offered anything more than "sorry, can't help you. We are closed."

My company would lose their minds if my staff were to lock a client in my store and then refuse their patronage. There were so many ways this could have been handled better. I have been a faithful Walgreens customer for at least 10 years. I can't express enough my disappointment......

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I Never said my business, team, or myself are perfect. I am paid to MANAGE situations with clients just as much as I am paid to manage the staff/store.

I am paid to protect the companies assets and take care of the customer anyway legally.

I received the same small minded, inside the box thinking from the minimum wage teenager as I did from the manager.

Since posting this; I have found out from another manager from another Walgreen'so location that they could have written down UPC and completed next day with cash. I even proposed this several times to both employees.

I went to this store 10 mins before closing because I was with a client that kept me 30 mins past my closing time.

I happily stayed to take care of my customer. By the time I could drive there it was 9:50.

Closing doors 10 minutes early?

Hahahaha you obviously know ZERO about corporate retail. I would address you further and in more detail but ...."of course" you are anonymous....


Of course you are a manager of a business and of course you and your business are perfect. IF you are a manager, that fact has nothing to do with the rules of another business.

Each business operates differently. Also if you want to look around in a store, go earlier than 10 minutes before closing.

Anybody that wants to shop that late is asking for problems. Some stores even have their doors locked at that time so that new customers can't get in.