Duluth, Minnesota

Walgreens premoistened medical wipes with "flushable" circled on product label were purchased Jan 2010. After using less than half of package we realized that our plumbing was clogged.

We found a wad of the wipes clogged in plumbing. We then put an unused wipe in a glass of water for 3 days, agitated it, and on the third day it still looked like new as it hadn't even started to break down. It is false advertising to have "flushable" printed and circled on the label.

I specifically bought this product over other choices because it was labeled that way. My major complaint was that we were mislead by the label which then cost us over $200 in plumbing parts and extreme agitation to my husband who was all ready sick.

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These "flushable wipes" have caused me problems recently. A GOOD RULE OF THUMB - "DON'T FLUSH THESE, OR ANY BRAND OF WIPES DOWN YOUR TOILET."


I recently had a plumbing job completed ( drain backed up in basement) and the plumber stated - " A plumber must have invented wet wipes - NONE of them dissolve and most of my business is from them !" I suggest do not use ANY wet wipes

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