Snellville, Georgia
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The staff is always so rude. They treat people like they're junkies instead of regular people who need certain medications.

I take suboxone bc I used drugs for a long time. Have been clean for 2 years and they act as if I'm still an active drug user. The pharmacist told me she "could not fill the prescription because it is not dated". I took it back to the dr and had him date it.

Brought it back and that's when she told me she "had to hold onto the prescription because the dr's office is closed". I told her "no that's my prescription and I can fill it any where I want", took it from her and told them they were the most inconsiderate employees I've ever encountered. That's saying a lot too.

Every walgreens pharmacist is and ***. -

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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since suboxone is a controlled substance the pharmacist probably wanted to confirm with your Dr about the date....I've actually had several situations where patients have altered the date of the prescription or the "Do not fill until" date on the prescription that some docs write, so it's just a formality of confirming when exactly the Dr wanted it to be filled.

Also once you hand a script over to the pharmacy to be filled it is technically theirs...... If you are demanding it be filled or to have your script back before they could confirm the date the pharmacist should have stamped the back of the script with their store info and explanation as to why they didn't fill it (we are actually supposed to do this if we give your script back for any reason other than if we are out of stock).....if they did that then good luck filling it anywhere before the pharmacist can confirm the date. I know it's a *** situation but your doc actually made the mistake and your pharmacist is just doing their job