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First keep track of product prices displayed on the shelf and what they actually charge you at the register. Oddly or purposefully it is occasionally not the same. Ie you are charged more than advertised or displayed.

How couls such a large and sophisticated company do this to loyal customers???

Secondly, keep an eye on your balanced rewards account. You might find you have two....so it is easy to forget you have points that you can trade for product.

An accident? I think not, I believe this is a sneaky way to de FRAUD their customers.

Why would they do this? Is the bottom line worth their integrity as a company????

Monetary Loss: $500.

  • Walgreens fraud
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Usually that happens because the stores have a high turnover rate, barely trained employees, and they want to get the customer out as fast as possible. They can't find your account?

Solution! Just create a new one without telling you. Some people have a landline and cell phone and forget which one they used. Punch in the wrong one, bam!

New account. It's like magic. As busy as they are, do you honestly think they will bother to train anyone or schedule time for anyone to learn these things?

I haven't met a single store employee that knew how the card system worked. I had to go online to find out anything


I do believe you can call the number on the back of the card (855)-225-9225 to have them combine your accounts if for some reason there are multiple accounts under your name and number.

It does really make me wonder when I see customer's with 2+ accounts under their name.

Both the cashier and the customer would have to be aware they are signing up again when being asked for name, phone number, zip code, birthdate, etc.

Whereas, we just need a phone number to locate your account. But then again, it could just be a glitch in the system as well.


Forgot to address the balance rewards issue. I often see multiple accounts with same name and phone #.

I'm not certain, but I think that happens due to cashier error.

When a customer enters their phone #, the purpose is to either confirm their account, or enroll them. I believe that unobservant cashiers are hitting the "new enrollment" button instead of the "confirm" button.


I've worked as a cashier at Walgreens for quite awhile, and I can tell you that altho shelf and register price do not always agree, it's not really intentional fraud, but a lack of diligence. Sale prices are usually good for 3 days, 1 week, or 1 month,and the temporary sales "signs" (stickers) on the shelves always have an expiration date at the bottom. As a 24 hour store, we essentially have a nanosecond to remove the old ones, and put up the new ones. As you can imagine, old ones often get overlooked entirely, and new ones might never get put up. We receive many signs from corporate for items we don't stock.

How do I handle this as a cashier? If a customer tells me that the shelf price is lower than they're being charged, I check it out. If it's an expired sign, I take it down, and give the customer the sale price. On the rare occasion that it's a "permanent" sign, I leave it there, give the customer the lower price, and alert management to the problem.

Having said that, I must admit that management is usually VERY slow to respond. However, it works both ways. As an example, for the last couple of months, there has been a display directly across from my register of infant and toddler novelty t-shirts. For the first month, the shelf and register price was $5.98, but a month ago, the register price dropped to 50 cents, and the shelf price remained (to this day) at 5.98. Over a week ago, the STORE manager was redoing the display, and I told HIM. So, whenever I see a customer looking at those t-shirts, I make sure to tell them the proper price, which nearly always sparks a sale, but never precipitates a complaint.

I imagine that I've come across as a loyal and dedicated Walgreens employee, but I assure you that's not the case. There are many corporate and store policies that I strongly disagree with, but that's for another post.


1. Sales prices are only good when you actually scan your card and won't show up on the register until your card information is entered.

2. If you've already scanned your card and the price still isn't right, just tell the cashier so they can do a price check--you might have read the sign wrong or a sign from a previous sale might still be up. It's a reasonable accident, and easy fix, and not at ALL an example of the company trying to commit fraud.

3. Since you're the one who set up the two balance rewards accounts (because guess what, you're the only one who can do that) then that's not fraud on their part--that's stupidity on yours. It's an easy fix (just call the company or email them and they can easily help you combine accounts) and not at all something worth complaining about.

Maybe next time before you get on here and complain about such ridiculous things you should stop and think about how much of it is easily fixed (all of it) and how much of it is your fault (a lot of it).