My wife just had major surgery. Surgeon told her he would give pain meds following surgery so she saw pain doc for two months up to surgery.

After surgery, she took RX to Walgreens where we have at least a dozen non narcotic RX's filled and presented RX from surgeon because we were told it would expire in 3 days (turns out 21 days). WAG kept RX's, told my wife they had to check on legitimacy of RX in front of other customers bringing my wife to tears. We are moving all RX and will stop all shopping at WAG will probably cost them 15K per year all told. They unilaterally were rude, insensitive and we had one of our DR's tell us to leave them because we would now be coded as "WATCH NARC" as in we are drug abusers or pushers.

I admire what they want to accomplish but their execution is flawed.

They should be shut down. See the posts from the Professor of Pharmacy in New Mexico on multiple blogs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pills.

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I like Walgreens’ GFD Policy.

The problem starts with the questionable physicians and their questionable prescribing practices.

The pharmacies and pharmacists are then forced to be the healthcare professionals to help curb drug diversion/abuse that these physicians promote.

I’ve got chronic pain too, they’re all a pain in the *** and make work difficult.


so sad, CANCER patients and people that really need these medications are suffering and no on really CARES. ALL THE PHARMACIST fiends and family get what they need with NO QUESTIONS ASKED. yOU NEED TO HAVE 4 children now 1 Dr, 1 lawyer, 1 Pharmacist, 1 everything else TO GET THROUGH YOUR last years!!!


They were wrong in treating you and your wife in this manner! Yet, it is the government that is cracking down on controlled substance which leaves Walgreens and the Pharmacist under the scrutiny and possible fines.

It is so awful for those in very real pain who need this medicine.

We can thank all the pain pill abusers for this rude treatment of those you truly are in need. Feel better.