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I have been using Atrovent Hfa for a number of years. It is manufactured by Boehringer Ingelheim in the form of a inhalation aerosol in one size of 12.9 grams or 200 metered actuations.

Previous to having it filled at Walgreens, I had this prescription filled thru Medco and Rite Aid and it cost 45.00 per inhaler. The first time I had it filled at Walgreens it was $45.00.

Today I had the prescription filled and it was $90.00. The clerks claimed that on 7/6/11 they made a mistake charging me $45.oo because the inhaler was a 50 day supply, because I am to take it twice a day, 2 puffs each time. I have already emailed my Insurance company and I will be emailing Medicare because this is a fraudulent practice. an inhaler is an inhaler, no matter how many days supply is in it. If a person only had to use it twice a day but 1 puff, with your policy it will cost him $135.oo for the same inhaler. This is clear fraud.

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Wagener, South Carolina, United States #394048

You are 100% wrong. Most often, pharmacy co-pays are based on days supply, not number of tablets, capsules, inhalers, etc.

Read your insurance info closely.

You'll see. What did the insurance tell you when you called them?


When will the world figure out that insurance companies tell pharmacies what to charge. So call you insurance for pricing issues.

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