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Walgreens has gone downhill in numerous areas lately, and it pays to be well informed! Their Clinic times are posted on their website, but are inaccurate.

The technician who administered my pneumonia shot was incompetent causing me additional health problems.

Having to listen to an employee complain about their job is very unprofessional and unnecessary. Overcharging a customer for flip flops is unethical, and was reported to the proper sources.

Original review posted by user Jul 20, 2013

I have dealt with Walgreens since the 1980's, but this last year had only problems! Due to my Insurance Coverage, I went to their Clinic for a pneumonia shot, where I had to wait over an hour, then got harassed about my Insurance Coverage.

The day after the shot I began itching so had to go to my regular doctor for tests.

When I had photos developed I had to listen to the employee complaining. Next I purchased flip flops and again was harassed because the Clerk had to look for the price and was too lazy to do so!

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Walgreens Employees are quick to answer and make excuses as to why their store has gone downhill recently, including calling me slanderous names! The Walgreens District Manager wrote me to call him, but failed to give me his phone number.

The bottom line is that if things were done right, I would not have to contact the correct medical and legal sources to take appropriate action, which Walgreens customers need to be aware of! There is no excuse administering a pneumonia shot improperly, or am employee complaining about his job, or overcharging for flip flops because you are simply lazy.


It isn't uncommon to get irritation from an injection site - you can get minor injections anywhere. Also, summer wear has just gone on clearance and not all of the clearance prices synchronize with our systems, it's nobody's fault and the problem is easily solved by returning the item or having the price adjusted.

Also, it's ironic that you talk about someone else complaining whilst you're complaining in an open forum, try finding somebody in any profession that doesn't, god forbid, complain about their job. I smell a troll.


It seems like the only people replying to my warning about Walgreens is employees of Walgreens! I could not lift my arm after my pneumonia shot and suffered for several months afterwards with itching and pain, so reported the incident to the proper medical sources.

If an employee was happy working for Walgreens he would not be wasting a customers time complaining.

Overcharging for shoes by using the price on a men's flip flop when I purchased a women's flip flop, was reported to the proper legal sources. Walgreen did write me that I should call them back, but failed to give me their phone number, proving incomptency on their part!


Walgreens has wait times for their Clinic posted on their website, which I found to be inaccurate when I went for my pneumonia shot, they were off by over an hour. The technician did not seem to know what she was doing, as I suffered for months afterward with arm pain and itching and had to go to numerous doctors for tests to get any relief at all!

The tech was reported to the proper sources regulating medical care.

People are quick to judge based on assumptions rather than facts, using anonymous to camouflage their identity. It pays to be well-informed!


Injection site reactions are very common (this includes redness, swelling and itching around the area). You shouldn't have wasted your money on insurance copays at your Dr's office after 1 day of itching because it will go away on it's own.

You would have had the same reaction if you had gotten the shot at your doctor's office. Also I doubt if you had walked into your doctor's office you would have received it within an hour without an appointment. These services run as a first-come-first-serve basis. I don't understand how people know they are going to end up waiting to be seen by their doctor, dentist or basically any other health professional and don't seem to put up much of a fuss.

However they act like it is the end of the world if they have to wait at the pharmacy. Just because a pharmacy has a drive thru does not mean it's a god *** McDonalds.


That is EXACTLY the problem. There are a lot of bad Walgreens employees and legitimate complaints, but the problem is that customers treat the pharmacy like a glorified McDonalds, and treat the employees as such.

I worked as a technician at Wags and am currently in Pharmacy school, and it was frustrating being yelled at constantly as to what the delays are. It isn't a food order, guy, it is medication. We have to check for interactions, be your insurance agent, etc. And when the pharmacists refuse to fill for legit reasons or worry of the *** out.


Heads up, people, pharmacists are doctors too. Maybe don't treat them like Chik Fil A managers and you will get better results.


So what does you itching have to do with anything, other than maybe you were allergic to the vaccine----not Walgreen's fault. Any clinic you go to that doesn't have appointments, has a waiting time.

You didn't have to listen to an employee complain, when something like that happens, I tune them out.

Also the flip flops missing the price tag, was just as much your fault, you could have made sure they had the price on them before going to the checkout. For heaven's sake, you really need to do some growing up.