So I went to the pharmacy and purchased a prescription. While still in the parking lot I decided to call Target to see what the price would vet with them , feeling I had just paid too much at walgreens.

Target had a price of $6.00 for the same exact prescription walgreens charged me $45.00 for. I immediately went back to the clerk with unopened prescription not even ten minutes from just purchasing and they refused to aloe me to return the prescription.

If it was $10 in difference of price I'd shrug it off, but this is a $39.00 difference for the same exact product. Walgreens just lost a customer and I will tell everyone I know not to buy any pharmaceutical goods from walgreens based on the fact they will out rite get ripped off.

Monetary Loss: $39.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: Pricing, Cost, Overpriced.

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quit blaming Walgreens. Call the state board of Pharmacy and talk to them.

Really--would you like to have medicine that had been returned by who knows what?

Where's your common sense. Wake up to reality!

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Walgreens does not decide the price of your medication. Most insurance companies have preferred pharmacies and if you fill outside of those pharmacies you will have a higher co-pay or insurance will not pay any of it.


It's the board of pharmacy that says returning meds is illegal. So talk to them about it.

Once it leaves the pharmacy, no returns. That simple.


If you don't have insurance then you should shop around for the best price prior to picking up a prescription. You say unopened prescription bottle, does this mean it is in a sealed manufacturer bottle or a walgreens bottle that you say hasn't been opened.

Pharmacies don't do returns on prescriptions once they have left the pharmacy because we cannot guarantee their storage or any tampering while out of our possession. Would you want to be the next person with a prescription for that same medicine and have it dispensed to you if it had been outside of the pharmacy. I would assume not.

There are all kinds of weirdos that could try to tamper medication and have the pharmacy unknowingly dispense something harmful to the next person. Too much of a liability so that's why you are SOL with your attempted return.

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