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I went to the Little Clinic in Florence Ky. After waiting for almost 2 hours behind only 2 other people, I was finally called back.

I proceeded to talk with the nurse, telling her about my symptoms which are identical to what happened to me when I had bronchitis. She listened to my lungs, took my temp and blood pressure. I then told her that my chest had been hurting a since a couple of days before I became sick. I assumed it was hurting because I have been coughing alot!

Anyway, she proceeded to act freaked out about my chest discomfort and refused to treat my illness!!

I got no prescription for my illness, no print out about my visit, nothing!! I left shaking my head and will NEVER go back there again!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You seem to have forgotten the part where she told you to go to the ER for your so called “chest pain” ...she didn’t REFUSE to treat you. She referred you to the appropriate place for the symptoms you stated you had.