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I broke my toe, and had to take the day off of work, after sitting in the first waiting room for 1.5 hours, they spent a whole 5 minutes with me, and $60 later told me what I already suspected--I broke my toe. So instead of help me, what do they do, yep--ship me off to another place to "assist me better".

After sitting in their waiting room for 30 minutes, they actually did a much better job than the first place, helped me, and gave me the infamous "boot" to wear that everyone who's ever broken their foot or toe loves so much. Anyways, they call in a prescription for me for some pain relief (my toe was dis-located and broken) at a nearby walkgreens, I left the doctor's at 4:40pm, and it look longer than usual of course because it was rush hour, get to the Walgreen's drive through, and this *** kid mis-spells my name twice, finally finds the order and says "yeah, um, that like--just came in, so, uh, we'll have it ready, in, uh like 10 minutes" --awesome. So I pick up some things in a nearby grocery store, hobbling around getting passed by old people on motorized carts, go back to walgreens where I pull up and wait, and wait, and wait....nothing. So I finally yell "HELLLLLLOOOOOOOO?????" nothing....

wait some more, in this time 4 people who all arrived after me walk up to the little in door counter and are helped and go on their merry way. UNREAL! So I resort to honking my horn, that will get their attention right>? Wrong.

After just plain being tired from the day, I just sat there honking my horn over and over and over, like a row boat out wondering at sea waiting hopelessly for someone to notice. Finally, the little zit-faced teenager turns around and I resort to waiving my hands using the international sign for distress and help, and his eyes light up and comes over and says "be right with you ma'am".

Total time for waiting 15 minutes being ignored--maybe when he graduates from middle school or high school his peripheral vision will improve.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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Get a life. You're not the most important person in everyone's life. Wait in turn like everyone else.


It seems like you were having a bad day all the way around and just needed to start something with a young man(at least 18 to work in pharmacy)doing his job, waiting on people at the counter, on the phone, and in the drive thru! Everyone needs to take there turn lady!!

And if you hurt that bad why didn't you get a motorized vehicle at the front of that store. Most big grocery chains have some.

You just wanted to take out your pain on others is why!

Sounds like you have no one in your life to help you and I can see why!

Have a great f'n life!

:grin :grin :cry


You don't have to be snotty in your comments about the young man working in the pharmacy. I have had a couple broken toes over the years and never went to the doctor for either of them.