Chicago, Illinois
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I have a complaint about the experience I had at the walgreens pharmacy which is located at the corner of Irving park Road and Kedzie Ave.

I waited 25 minutes for 2 minute prescription re-fill . I cream refill.

Your staff is extremely ignorant and there is no such customer service. These people they just chat with each other, they are not even busy nor in rush hour. But they are too ignorant to just lift their head up a little and ask customers:

-hello can i help you

- sir for what have you been waiting for?

I gave my prescription I just waited there for half an hour. Of course I can not see behind the cashier and figure out if my drug is ready or not. They dont even care to announce the customer s name or give simple sign. They just put the paper bags on their own desk which people cant see. So I kept waiting. Finally I decided to ask what happened, why do I wait so long? I was so pissed I just wanted my prescription and leave. Guess what? They lost my prescription so I had to wait for another period till they find it. No single apology no single Im sorry. Same -whatever..- attitude.

Why these people are so ignorant to raise their faces and look at the customer and speak to them? what is with the attitude! This is not what you advertise on the TV!

Please watch the camera records because I know that they will simply deny and blame me as being a difficult/hard customer to deal with. Please watch the asian pharmacist while I sit there and wait for my medicine (which was already ready ages ago).

Never ever again walgreens, at least they give customer service at cvs!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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To the ignorant one calling himself "NO", he was getting a refill of a cream, not a pill. Read the complaint FULLY before making such a fool of yourself next time.

it might save you some embarassment. Or have you been acting this way so long that you don't have the good grace to be embarrassed?


So go somewhere else you *** pill popping addict. It's not their fault you were itching so bad to OD on Xanax that you couldn't drop off your prescription like a normal person and come back later to pick it up - which is the normal way.

If you want a fast script, take your *** somewhere else. And you're welcome for the pills, since I'm sure you don't have a job and are on welfare, so my taxes pay for your medical.