Dearborn Heights, Michigan

This is a store that needs to be carefully monitored. On several occasions, my wife who suffers from Alzheimer's has been verbally abused, her prescriptions not filled, laughed at, and humiliated. The last instance occurred when she was trying to get her prescriptions filled, and the pharmacy refused, unless she could tell them all the medications she was taking. Of course she could not, because of her condition. So the Manager/Pharmacist refused by leaning over the counter, as my wife was too sick to stand, and was sitting on the floor, and laughed at her.

I am a health care advocate and have been for several years. On each occasion that the abuse occurred, I have either spoken to the pharmacist personally or by phone. On each occasion they have promised to correct the situation, only to commit the same or similar offense shortly afterward.

I'm writing this to try to prevent this form of abuse from happening to other chronically ill patients.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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Walgreens automatically filled my old script for pain medicine . Making the one the doctor had given me with refills unusable.

I am now forced to take a cab back to the city to get a new prescription. I did not say a thing about it ,when he bellowed " you know there is an opiate crisis. People are dying all over the place!" It was like it was all my fault. I seriously don't see how arguing with this pharmacist is going to help my cause.

He however brought it up. I said to him that I don't see why the folks that have chronic pain should have to be policed by this new system. I stopped the argument right there. The staff was rude and obviously judgmental.

What I would like to have said is opiate crisis my *** Addiction is a disease. Its terrible but addicts overdosing is nothing new. Alcohol cigarettes are killing people everyday. Why don't we have a cigarette crisis?

People in chronic pain are no longer getting the medication they need. They are truly suffering. I don't need to get attitude from the Walgreen pharmacist. Oh while I am at it .

The woman pharmacist yelled a a woman's child because they were crying. Seriously!


you are crazy! go in with her, duh


Why is she going in the store alone? If she is having problems performing simple tasks (no offence) then she should have a helper or something.

So she is telling you what happened and she can't even rembember what meds she is on. something is not right with your story sorry


While a patient should never EVER be laughed at or humiliated in any way... I can understand why they wouldn't fill anything without her being able to name the medications that she needed.

It's a risk to her health. If the tech just clicks on everything listed in her profile that seems to have been filled recently, she could end up with medications that maybe the doctor didn't want her on anymore because of side effects, interactions, or maybe he changed to another form of the same medication which could lead to an overdose. It's simply dangerous to do that.

I don't mean this in a negative way, but if your wife cannot remember the names of her medications, perhaps you should accompany her to the pharmacy or phone in the refill request yourself. This would avoid any misunderstandings, possible mistakes, or further humiliation for your wife.


I would call the State Pharmacy Board. This is very upsetting to read. I've had a horrible time with them personally, but if they'd done something like this to my mother or grandmother, I'd be calling a lawyer.