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This is a small town Walgreens so I am going to be vague here because I would like to remain anonymous. I have been using Walgreens for years, but this particular location only since I moved to this town.

How is it that I can bring in 2 prescriptions together, have one filled and ready to be picked up but the other one completely lost? I was told to call my doctors office by the pharmacist, which I did. They told me to call the pharmacy back and have the pharmacy call them (to say the least, my doctors office expressed they were very upset with the conduct of this pharmacy and not just because of this incident). I call the pharmacy back letting them know my doctors office had been made aware of this, and while on the phone, they find my missing prescription at the counter, just the script, unfilled.

Unbelievable! This is after making me feel like a complete ***. I have a handful of prescriptions I pick up every month at this pharmacy, one being a pain medication, this is NOT the medication they lost, this complaint is entirely separate. I have had numerous surgeries, deal with a degenerative spinal condition and every month I pick up this prescription, I am looked up and down and treated differently and I feel as if I need to bring in my MRI reports and medical records.

I am tired of this. They are not my doctor, but my pharmacy (starting next month, former pharmacy). Also if this is not enough, 3 months ago, I was sent home with the right medication, but wrong dosing instructions. Fortunately, I listen to my doctor, so I know my dosing and how to take my medications.

Losing a prescription, wrong dosing instructions and profiling, this is not only unprofessional but also unethical. I have overheard patient consultations at the counter as well and am appalled by this.

The medication a patient takes is NOT the whole towns business!!! Pharmacists need to lower their voice when consulting out of sheer decency and respect for the patient, and also for the patients safety when they leave the store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

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To cohena2, the real bogus one, like the comment before, you have made it clear how uneducated and ignorant you are yourself. Experience some life and grow a little older than 14 before you think you know it all.

You have NO idea what you are even talking about. I am a 39 year old spinal surgery patient and by this comment saying has nothing to do with race.

May you be struck with a debilitating injury or disease! Then talk.


To the above comment: Wait until you have to lose some of your health, maybe you will get cancer, go through a major surgery, lose your ability to do the things in life you enjoy now and there is nothing you can do to control it, nothing, just live with will remember your comment then. I promise you.

You may think you know everything but your ignorance is so obvious, when you fall, you will fall hard. Are you just on here to attack people because you yourself are from a small town so you have nothing better to do than gossip?

Sorry to inform you: You are not the center of the universe yourself. Gossip amongst your own kind.


I call this story bogus. Thats the real reason you chose to stay anonymous.

For one no doctor is going to care about how a pharmacy treats their patient. Two I seriously doubt you were profiled.

People just loved to use race(no matter the race) as an excuse when don't go their way. Boo hoo hoo quit whining like a big baby and get over yourself because the world doesn't revolve around you.