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I have been going there for yrs. spend thousands of $s on meds, last night I went to pick up 2 important meds I ran out of, it was near closing time when I got to the counter I realized I had left my wallet at home.

My co-pay was $3.00 I only had $2. 83 cents so I decided to pick just 1 or so I thought but the pharmacist a female would not give me the meds because I did not have the complete $3.00. I spend close to 30 min. basically begging people for 20 cents never been so embarrassed in my life.

Starting today I will move my Rxs to another pharmacy, I will never shop at Walgreens ever again and will make sure to get as many people as I can to never go there. Oh, and they make their young staff to push candy on customers worst than drug dealers. The candy is supposed to be free if they forget to ask but they have to call their manager to tell them and they get in trouble.

Also annoying when they have to welcome every customer that comes in while they r trying to serve u! from 1 to !0 they get a "0"

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Same issue here! In fact I'm sitting out side a Walgreen midway having an asthma attack!

Waiting on my refill, filled my same inhaler here for 10 years! Going by my walgreens app it went from waiting on the doctor to now order received, I go up to the to ask how long because I really just needed squirt, she said it was never called in! I said it was I know it was per your app and I was on the ph one with my doctor as she completed the faxed request! I said look I'm having an asthma attack I need something!

I said I'll buy the over the counter stuff I just need somethjng. I can hardly talk and she says I need your ID! What LOOKING Lady I'm Having An ATI MA Attack DO U NOT GET GET it! I said here's my purse here my insurance card here's my phone she said no I need id!

I came into my car where I sit right now as my doctor call them. My ID I left at work on my desk!


have them call an ambulance. they cant rush over and give it to you and get sued or charged.

sorry but people messed up that service along time ago.

always keep a spare even if you have to pay for it out of pocket! your life not theirs!


I just think that is so shameful and I wish I would have been there to gladly offer the $3. and change this person needed.


don't run out of meds and you wont have the problem. if you 'need' them go to the hospital.

(because you didnt means you'll live for a while without them) really dont know why you think they should pay for your meds. unfortunately its not your "local pharmacy' of 20yrs ago.

they dont run tabs. they have no control over your money why should you have control over theirs