Gilbert, Arizona
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My entire family used the Walgreens pharmacy at ValVista & Guadalupe for years when Kathy was the pharmacy manager. She knew everyone by name, and was very friendly and kind.

My insurance changed a couple of years ago, so I had to go to CVS, and I was very pleased with their services. Three weeks ago I went to Walgreens to have an Rx filled for my dog. The new pharmacist asked if I had any questions about the Rx, and I said I wasn't sure. He said, "Well, good, because I don't know anything about this for animals".

My insurance changed yesterday, and in the confusion of everything I went back to that Walgreens because I thought they were on my new plan, and CVS is not. The same pharmacist was there. I decided to just pay cash for the Rx until I find out where I can go with my new insurance. I was the only person in the pharmacy area, and there were only 2-3 other customers in the entire store.

I waited nearly 45 minutes for my Rx after being told their "computers were slow". It is a narcotic Rx, and when the same pharmacist asked me if I had any questions, he added, sarcastically "I know you have had this before". What a ***. He was judging me for something he knows nothing about.

They also have a *** who runs the front register. I applaud stores that hire the mentally challenged, but this guy is ridiculous. The store is also a mess and dirty.

I will never set foot in a Walgreens again. There are plenty of other well run pharmacies in my area.

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