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I am a legitimate pain management patient due to a serious back and neck injury, a joint that is crumbling, sciatic nerve damage and a degenerative hip condition that after 25 years of pain finally caused my hip to fracture in several places resulting in surgery last year. Even though the surgery repaired the bones at the time they are so weak that the chance of them fracturing again are very likely and the pain that it causes is still there. I have had over 30 injections over the last three years, physically therapy three times with no relief and have been on Cymbalta for lower back pain, a muscle relaxer and Oxycodone. I was originally prescribed Loratab with no relief, than Morphine with no relief and than found some pain relief with Oxycodone. My quality of life is still not good but at least it is tolerable. I have been to five different specialists who have told me it is a life time of pain management, I can’t be fixed. Chiropractors won’t touch me once they see my X-rays. I could be on disability but chose not to because I found a job making $21 less an hour that keeps me sitting 90% of the day. I have even been offered a prescription for Marijuana and refused it! I have not skipped around to different pain management doctors, I have had one for three years nor have I pharmacy jumped. Again, same one for three years. One June 12th Walgreen refused to fill my prescription due to the DEA cracking down on Narcotic distribution. When I called and spoke to the pharmacist he explained I was “flagged” due to the number of years on was on it, the amount of pills and that I was now a cash paying customer. Keep in mind; I just switched jobs so that I could keep working which means I am in between insurance company’s until I can find a private insurance company that will cover me with my prior problems. I was advised I could take my prescription to any other pharmacy except Walgreens. I have visited eight within the last two days and have been told the same thing. “Walgreens is refusing to fill prescriptions which if forcing everyone to find alternative pharmacies which are all now depleted of their supply.” One pharmacist told me I would have to go back to the doctor to be put on something else because the DEA has cut their supply by 50% per month. So with very few pills left I have to go through detox and try to manage my pain. This same story is all over the internet over and over again. It is forcing legitimate sufferers, law abiding citizens to do what is necessary to maintain a somewhat manageable quality of life if Detox doesn’t kill us first. Good job DEA and Walgreens. Your attempt at getting illegal drug pushers off of the streets will only backfire by increasing the street value by 500%, suicides, robberies to obtain the medication needed and even death due to patients having to suddenly stop their medication. How many elderly patients are suffering or will die or commit suicide because they can’t handle the pain anymore? How many of us that truly have severe pain that can be verified by our doctors are suffering? How many people are going to have to die, be robbed or be forced to do any other unthinkable just to keep our pain down?

Again, good job DEA and Walgreens.

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Feel your pain. This is the Obama administrations continued effort to control everyone in our Free country. God Bless conservatives.


so it is not walgreens fault but the dea. walgreens is so afraid that they will be closed due to the new dea rules that they will not fill anything that is over the manufacturers guide lines.

if you are taking more then what the manufacturer says is allowed then you can not get your pain meds. you pain is not being manged correctly if you still have pain with a long and short acting pain meds.

get a new md or up your long acting pain med. something is not right with your meds.


I'm sorry you are going thru this hassle-to put it mildly. At least you HAVE a PM Dr!

The DEA raided my doctor's clinic and busted him big-time for writing tons of phony narcotics prescriptions..his wife and the attached pharmacy were in on it too.

Imagine going to your monthly scheduled appt and when you get there the place is totally deserted and your "respected" long time doctor is in jail!

BTW, Did you ever get your pills?