Miami, Florida
Not resolved

Walgreens in Miami (Coral Way & 36 Avenue) refuses to honor manufacturers' coupons. This store is not customer friendly at all. Employees are rude.

They have no regards for customers. When you shop at this store it feels that you are shopping at a store in another country.

At the pharmacy counter, they never have your prescription in stock. However, they do take in your prescription and hours later when you go to pick it up, then they tell you that it is not in stock

As a result do my shopping at CVS, just two blocks down the street. Great store, customer friendly.

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Just another person addicted to that Extreme Coupon *** on tv.


Have fun at cvs. I'm sure that coupons were refused due to the fact that you were trying to double or not following what coupon says. People think you can buy one item and use 20 coupons.

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