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On February 24, 2010 my husband and I went to a local Walgreen's at N. Magnolia Street in Tallahassee, FL. We drove into the parking lot and parked, and went inside. An employee, Diana Wilson, approached us and asked if we drove a white truck. We said yes, and she then asked us how long we had been there. We said we had just arrived and she then turned and wandered off without any explanation for her odd questions. Quite frankly, both my husband and I were weirded out by her behavior.

We browsed the store and took our purchases up front and at that point, the cashier informed us that the police had been called, as we were accused of hitting a car in the parking lot. We were mystified, as we knew we had done no such thing. A large woman named Linda Harris who is the assistant manager then accosted us and told us that we "had to stay there, as the police were on their way".

We stated that we had not hit any car and we went outside to see what they were talking about. The large woman, Linda Harris then threateningly followed us outside and stated that we must have done it, as there was paint on our vehicle mirror, and that it would be our word against whomever had accused us. The car that had been hit was on the other side of the parking lot, near another white truck that was similar to ours.

The policeman arrived and we explained what had happened. He then went inside to see if he could straighten out the problem. We had to wait for about 20 minutes, and he came back outside and explained that the person that had hit the car had come forward.

At no point did any Walgreen's employee apologize to us for the rude treatment we were subjected to. The assistant manager, Linda Harris, was hostile and she was very aggressive. When I asked for her name and the name of the district manager, she became very loud and abusive to my husband and I. The employee whose car was hit, Diana Wilson, was also rude and did not apologize for calling in what amounted to a false police report. At no point did anyone just ask us if we knew anything about the car, they just called the police and stated that "we had circled the parking lot after hitting the car."

I will never go to Walgreen's again after this horrible experience and I want everyone to know that they hire aggressive street thugs as store managers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Cashier.

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It don't manner where you at it appears that WALGREENS is trying there best to solve the the problems of hiring people with mental disorders. If anybody wish to see this in actions venture to a WALGREENS in Tennessee.

And to get to the peek of horrible customers services go to the Clinton Highway Store in Knoxville, Tennessee.

There is this short blond hair lady who is wearing every inch of the cheap make-up that Walgreens sale. Write about your experiance with this store since I am sure it will be better then anything on the net.


Stop flipping out, Heather_never. It's a free internet. This is also a website for discussion.


Obviously you must either work at Walgreen's or hold stock in it. This forum is for people to utilize to share their stories with others so that they can avoid having the same experience. If you don't want to read people complaining about bad service, go to another website you find more interesting.


They didn't tell you why they asked because they didn't want you to flee. The manager was wrong to accuse you of anything she didn't see. With that said If you feel there was wrongdoing and a false report was filed then you should contact an attorney and not be posting your story online for others to examine!