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The 'pharmacist' there is unprofessional. Said chronic pain patients do not need to be on controlled substances. I was on Tylenol 3. Big deal right, might as well be on street grade heroin! I am on the lowest of all pain medications. I am not walking in there with rx's of Oxycotin with shakes and obviously mad.

No, he claims I called and cancelled this prescription. HUH! Why would I do that. Well, now we have to call your doctor to MAKE SURE you can take this.

I had a rx for 90 pills 1 per night, they filled 30 for the one month, I had 60 more pills waiting for the next two months, 30 at a time.

Well he took it upon himself to make a BIG deal about this.

I was polite, I said I will call my dr myself since you seem to think I cancelled a prescription I take daily. I always refill on the day it is due, NEVER before.

If he wants to be a Dr, fine, if he thinks it is his job to police people that is wrong. He is a pharmacist. One that makes mistakes.

He became nasty when talking to me.

He is the most unprofessional piece of *** that landed from wherever he is from, he has a middle eastern accent and is from one of those counties 'over there'

I took all of my prescriptions out of there and to a different pharmacy all together.

Along with the rest of my families.

I refuse to do business with a self centered *** like him.

I am not the only one he has had issues with my friend's mother he gave her the wrong prescription as in someone not even close to her name.

But he is so 'professional' so it was her fault. No it's his fault his little micro managing *** fault.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of how badly i was treated especially in front of other customers and insulting staffs. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of walgreens pharmacist. Walgreens needs to "fire his ass" according to poster's claims.

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