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West End Washington DC Feb. 2016 I went to Walgreens for prescription of federally controlled substance Tramadol 50MG for my federal service back injury (neurosurgery at L5-S1).

Pharmacist Roshon Rnadeniya gave me Tramadol with no prescription, he requested no identification and he gave them to for free. My prescription had not arrived and he said he'd deduct tablets he gave me once my doctor sent the prescription. When I arrived, pharmacist Misty Carney gave me a full prescription. I had way more Tramadol than the prescription was written.

When I reported this to Walgreens and the Drug Enforcement Administration, Carney and Randeniya manipulated quantities on my next prescription to account for the free tablets they gave me. I sent all these documents to Was. DC Board of Pharmacy and they don't care. DEA agents don't care.

Walgreens has market power and I am a stockholder, but it is scary when a retail pharmacy this big has this much power to freely dispense addictive painkillers. After I reported Carney and Roshon, Walgreens moved them to stores in Maryland. Carney was moved back to a Walgreens in Anacostia, a poor section of DC.

Walgreens is "showing their support for poor communities" by putting a pharmacist who freely distributes *** I'm continuing to try to get Carney's license suspended/revoked, but its work when Walgreens supports crooks. Happy to talk with anyone who cares about the prescription drug epidemic in US.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walgreens Pros: Location.

Walgreens Cons: Bad pharmacists.

  • incompetent
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Sadly, there are many quack doctors out there who will right prescriptions and give a bogus diagnosis to anyone with the money to pay for them. They get their degrees by sending in money online for classes that they never took.


what the *** is wrong with you. you still ended up with the correct qty of meds. grow up.


Wow. The guy did you a favor.

He obviously knows you and he is not handing out pills. It is common pharmacy courtesy to give a small amount to relieve suffering or if medication is needed and would endanger a patient to wait for whatever reason it cannot be filled. But try to get him fired and make a stinking uproar.

What he did was called compassion. Look it up.


Distribution of a controlled substance without a prescription is a felony. Look it up.


Worthless and stupid response.


Scammers are everywhere, even masquerading as pharmacists, apparently. From your work experience you should realize you are acting like Don Quixote tilting at windmills in attempting to get someone in a governmental agency to "do something." From what I have seen, Tramadol is being prescribed by medicos at a prodigious rate with people getting way, way more pills than they ever needed or wanted.

I wonder why----some incentive unknown to a layman? Good luck in your endeavor.


Thanks my friend. Consumers need to know just what you commented.

Government agencies do nothing but justify the prescription drug crimes and then tell people what a great job they are doing in fighting prescription drug crimes. In this case, I'm talking about District of Corruption Mayor Muriel Bowser. And Bowser wants statehood for DC! A hood wants to be rewarded with statehood.

Bowser would be Head Hood of DC. Suggest I speak to your company or group on why DC Statehood is a criminal idea.


Actually, some scammers pose as police officers and pull over ladies and sexually assault and/or rape them. I've read numerous times of such things happening. And once on "Days Of our Lives", Marlana was in the confession booth confessing sins and there was a phony imposter in their dressed up as a priest, but he was actually a bad guy that was out to get Marlana.