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but today after days of stringing me along (there was a weekend in there so no access to doctors) the walgreens "doc" (clearly he wants to be one, may as well humor him) still insisted I could not have the valium I've been on for years for temporal lobe epilepsy... by the end of the day today, I had managed to get my prescription at walgreens cancelled but the new pharmacy didn't get it yet, so another night without...

ever hear of benzo-withdrawl? combine that with epilepsy... really hoping I do wake up in the morning and don't die before I can get my meds. this is life threatening!

oh, and the 'why?' The pharmacist didn't like that I wanted to fill my valium but not the other anticonvulsant (that i have not yet started as I was waiting for my new insurance card that came this weekend).

My doctor's office, after supposedly blowing Walgreens off for so long, actually called ME to ask if I ever did get my medication?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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rebel chick god did not make er man did and man did it to make lots of money the problem being maybe this person does not have insurance or their insurance just sucks like mine.maybe they did not have 5 grand to pay a inflated er bill.the point being it is the job of the pharamacist to fill the perscrtions the doctor writes.maybe people should start sueing them if they have to go to the er because if the pharamacist causes them to be sick because they did not do their job and follow their oath they should be held accountable.sad thing is someone will have to die before that happens.


This is why God made EMERGENCY ROOMS! :roll


I sure hope you made it through the night. find a local pharmacist (it may cost more ) but in the LONG RUN WILL be worth every penny Establish a relationship with the pharmacist so that he knows you NAME. that way they will have a harder time doing what these uncaring MCWALGREENS do to patients.


When I worked at kmart pharmacy guess what we actually called the doctors when we did not get a reply.I guess walgreens is to big now to

care about the paitent and a few moments to place a call is to hard for those poor overworked sobs.

@better than ladyscott cause i

Walgreens calls the doctors too. The problem with stories like these is that there is always details omitted or they are subject to isolated incidents.

You can find complaints just like these about ALL pharmacies, not just this "to big now to care about the paitent" pharmacy. Yes Walgreens is a big company and things like this happen. They would not continue to grow as they do if this happened more so than not.

There are always other pharmacies if someone is unhappy.

And if you ever went to one of the busier stores where the hours have been cut, yet again, than yes they are overworked. I'm not saying that every store is perfect and hard working and caring but its also not fair to assume that of all of them are represented by individual experiences.


Did you have a prescription or was the pharmacy waiting for the doctor's office to authorize refills? If you're waiting for authorization there isn't really anything the pharmacy can do except keep faxing them for the OK.

Some docs will drag their feet in getting back to the pharmacy and will take days, so you'd probably get a quicker response if you contact them yourself and tell them to respond to the faxes being sent by the pharmacy. It's not realistic for the pharmacy to actually call the prescriber for all refills because that would consume their entire day. I know it sucks but it's just the way it is.

Sometimes you can get an emergency supply if you are completely out, but probably not with Valium. Not many pharmacist would dispense any Valium without receiving refill authorization first because it's a controlled substance.