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My husband has worked for Walgreens for five years. We live in the Charlotte region of North Carolina.

This region rarely receives winter weather, and as such our road crews are ill equipped to handle winter storms. It is currently 6:43 AM and my husband, at 5 AM, was forced to leave our home to go to work. The news says road conditions ar "hazardous" and people "should not drive if it can be avoided." People here do not drive in inclement weather. We don't get this kind of weather enough to know how to drive safely in it.

Moreover, the roads are unsafe. Walgreens does not care. Frequently they demand their employees risk their lives to go to work. Why?

Because Walgreens cares more about the bottom dollar than the lives of the people who work for them.

Please do not shop at Walgreens. A company that puts money before safety cannot be trusted.

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I agree! Walgreens is a horrible company to work for.

My husband had to stay at work until closing at 9pm under blizzard conditions and is now stuck on the road in the middle of the night and no one can get him out.

I hope he finds another job and leaves Walgreens.


When the weather was bad I was told to try and come in. I did next morning didn't snow as predicted.

3rd shift went home that previous night. Nothing was dropped to pick. Thry deal with three diffrernt news affilates never posted not to come in. I went into work told to go home.

Wasnt to happy with that. The problems are this. The cranes break down the totes get backed up. What turns out to be an 8 hour day ends up a 10 hour day.

I see alot of racism as well not right either. People can't just go in do their job go home,they have to gossip and think there better then everybody else.. The truth is there not nobody owes anybody anything. Your there to do a job.

Rates and accuracy are not 100 percent correct. ..


i work at a Walgreens and have been there for 18 years + and I brought a doctors note to work about seven months ago that said that I can not work past a certain time on any day of the week due to health issues and my doctor wrote that it is an ongoing situation. ongoing meens forever.

well my manager is telling me that if I don't get another note from my doctor that gives more information they will start making me work late hours again. ongoing meens forever. Walgreens does not care if there employees are sick or have health problems. all they care about is that you are at work even if you are sick and they get mad if you call in sick.

this is not right for them to act like that. all they care about is themselves.


i work at a walgreens dist center. it's all about bottom line.

they make people work way too hard and injure them.

it pays good-use to have good benefits until they took hmo away and replaced it with blue cross. i hate being there, but what do you do??


Obviously managment told by Walgreens to type up posative reviews for Walgreens.


Worked for Walgreens for many years. Never at any time did I hear a member of mangement express any type of concern for the safety of an employee.

Many times I heard managers demand emplyees do unsafe things. It's all about the money. Money, money money.

They don't care anymore about their customers than they do about the employees, by the way. Again, it's ALL just money.


I work at Walgreens distribution center the worst managed place I've ever worked at. Its all one way there last minute mandatory overtime and no flexability towards its employee.

Its push all day to make your quotas then when you make them they raise the quotas its a no win situation. 10 minute breaks start when you leave your post doesen't matter if your 4 minutes away from break room just be back at your station on time so you get 2 minutes to grab a *** and sit.Be back or get a step (their way of saying write up).


I work for walgreens and last year around Christmas we had a really bad snowstorm the whole city pretty much shut down but my manager called me and told me i still had to come to work even though my car was barried under 6 feet of snow and I couldnt even get my front door open. I told him that and he said "well dig your way out and get here".

I understand that I was scheduled but it was impossible for me to even get out of my house. the snow was taller than I was and the rodes were really slick.

I ended up getting to work by climbing out of the window and having a coworker pick me up at the main street which was 4 blocks from my house. The whole time I worked not even a customer showed up.


Thats ridlicious, told him come pick me up want me there that bad .


I work for a competitor. I hate to say it, but EVERY company made their employees show up for work.

You know why? Because those pesky customers didn't seem to feel that the roads were too dangerous. So... if the customers can get there, so can the employees.

If my store had not done the usual business on every snow day we have had, I could see the validity of closing the stores. Now, the employee has the option to stay home. Of course, the company has the option to do a counseling on the employee who chooses to remain at home. I also live in the Charlotte area, and I can assure you that at no time in this whole winter season have our roads been that dangerous to drive on.

There have been *** drivers on the road, but if you have any idea how to drive slowly on ice, there was never any danger.

In fact, since I actually live on the outskirts of Charlotte, our roads were never touched and I still got to work in the snow safely, and on time, with no traffic issues. I do not drive an SUV, nor do I have a car that is designed to drive in bad conditions.


Replying to dak, no the person who posted this is, by all means, NOT A LIAR! I work for Walgreens and I have been with the company for almost 5 years.

Yes, it is true, I know from personal experience. We are the busiest store in Phoenix, Az and when Inventory came around one of my Assistant Managers asked, no wait, TOLD me to go on top of the Lock-Up cage and count all the remaining xmas toys, which added up to almost $10,000! Let me tell you, I never thought in a million years that I would have been scared shitless to be on top of that cage. Well, I WAS!

So after a few minutes, he came in the stockroom and asked how things were going, and I answered with, "I am really not comfortable with being up here, I'm shaking all over!" So, instead of being sympathetic or offering for someone else to do it, he just says, "Aw, that sucks." He chuckles, then walks away. And let me tell you, I almost fell twice because of the weird metal grills that do not fully support human body weight.

So, yea, nxp has my full support on that! Oh, and that's not the only experience I have had when it comes to safety!


I'm sure it's different everywhere, but Walgreens does force their employees to work or receiving a counseling. I used to work for them and I know it for a fact.

Yeah, you should do your best to work, but sometimes there are circumstances where this isn't possible. Can't mess with mother nature and we are all in fact, human.


Dak, you are completely contradicting yourself. Your company cannot possibly have "NEVER in 10 years demanded that anyone come to work in unsafe conditions" and also be "the ONLY company that is open to help our customers." If you are the ONLY company open, that is because all other stores have closed due to unsafe driving conditions.

Further, had you bothered to read all of the posts you would have realized the pharmacy issue had already been discussed. Guess what Dak--HOSPITALS HAVE PHARMACIES AND ARE NEVER CLOSED! Surprise! Therefore, in the event that you would die without medication you would be able to get your medication at the hospital (where it is likely you would already be in a truly life-threatening situation).

Furthermore, calling someone a "liar" does not validate your claims nor does it make you look very intelligent. In graduate school I learned that people tend to call names when they have no intelligent recourse remaining. Clearly you do not have any intelligent rebuttals.

The Walgreens you work for may not fire people for refusing to drive in unsafe conditions, but it is also extremely likely that you do NOT work in the same district as my husband. It would also help validate your claim if you actually knew how to use proper grammar, just a tip.


what a liar. i work for walgreens and our company has NEVER in 10 years demanded that anyone come to work in unsafe conditions.

our company prides ourselves on the dedication of our employees and when major weather hits, like huricanes, we are usually the ONLY company that is open to help our customers - all because of our dedicated employees.

oh yeah, poedwife must have forgotten that we are a drug store. if she needed medication to survive, she would probably ask her husband to pick it up for her at work!