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Let's see, March comes before April doesn't it, but Saint Patrick Day supplies are still not stocked yet at Walgreens, while chocolate Easter bunnies have already taken over the isles, much like Christmas ornaments begin to do in August. I chuckled this morning when seeing Walgreens getting blasted all over Facebook, which prompted me to offer this constructive criticism about my recent experiences at Walgreens.

I've been noticing at Walgreens over and over again, whatever is out of stock but has a place on the shelves, is simply because it is never really stocked at all.

I don't know who Walgreens has been hiring into management, but apparently there is no work experience required or customer retention bonus incentives either. Somebody at Walgreens needs to get a handle on the controls, before it's too late!!!

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walgreens doesn't have any requirements for employement except PAY CUTS PAY CUTS. change the name of the job and cut the pay by 5.00 dollars seems to be the going pay cut.

They have been doing it for a couple of years now. You can not expect to get good loyal employees if you are constantly trying to get the EMPLOYEES to quit SO THEY can hire for less.


I don't shop (or post comments) to please Walgreens employees or anyone else and like I said, there were numerous and funny comments on Facebook about Walgreens lack of customer focus (actually lack of employee focus) from a representative cross-section of people this morning, but let it fall on deaf ears or those who are only proficient with denial, because I sure don't care and I have plenty of other choices for my shopping. You'll figure it out when your career path suffers but until then, enjoy the fantasy.


My local Walgreens has St Patrick's Day merchandise out in the front of the store. Much like every year, the St.

Patrick's Day merchandise Walgreens carry fills a 3-foot section. What do you propose they should fill their promotional seasonal aisle be filled with? There's not much Valentine's clearance left. Summer toys have been put out, but I'm sure that's even worse in your mind because Summer is more than 3 months away.

Seriously, the timing of Easter is pretty much the same every year. It's reasonable at that, considering, Easter dates can be in March or April.


I get a good laugh when someone says that a major corporation is crashing, going out of business soon etc. because of their personal experience. Walgreen, Wal-mart, Sears - all will be here when we are long dead and buried.


I do not think sears will be.Walgreens..maybe walmart will be but not sears or k mart you can only screw people so much before they catch on.