San Antonio, Texas

I went to the walgreens in SA and its horrible!!! I had brought a script for methylphenidate suspension n the idiotic lady told she needs to check if its in stock, she said they don't have it and if she wanted me to call other walgreens to see if they have it.

I asked her why can't she order it for me and hold it to get it filled! She said she can't cause its a controlled and then told me to come inside while she calls other walgreens!! I told her no cause I have a 5 yr old daughter in the car that runs around n has ADHD n she said I can't cause she needs to serve other pts!! How rude n how unthoughtful!

She said sorry but I can't sit in the drive thru.

I'm complaining about that *** cuz she's horrible. I'm calling corporate on her ***.

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you are a *** B. You are not the center of the world.

there are other people trying to get life saving medications. stop your B**ing.


Control your brat and stop filling her with drugs. Get off the computer and a reading time with that kid.

You would be suprised at how well behaved she becomes if you just show her a little attention and get her off the video games and tv. Give it a try, then you won't have to be so dependent on something else to control her personality.


You don't have much room to call other people names when you're the one trying to block the drive through and keep other people from getting help. The tech explained to you why she couldn't fill your prescription (and frankly, it's an incredibly legitimate reason) and offered to help you get your prescription that day (even offering to call other places for you, which is not part of her job and is great service!), which you turned down and then had the audacity to complain about. Honestly, that's a poor reflection on you--not the pharmacy.


I see your point about not wanting to come inside with a child that may be hard to control, but it's kind of rude and unthoughtful on your part to the cars behind you in the drive thru to sit there while the tech calls around to other stores to see if they have your med in stock. The drive thru is meant for quick drop-offs and pick-ups.

Also ordering a medication like liquid methylphenidate requires DEA forms and takes extra time. Most meds can be ordered for the next business day but this med (and all other Class II drugs) take 4-5 business days to receive the drug (if it is readily available).

I'm sure you wouldn't want to wait that long, especially if your child's ADHD prevents you from bringing them inside a store. So leave the drive-thru and give the tech some time to make calls to other pharmacies to find one that has your med in stock and allow them to take care of the people behind you, or take your prescription back and make the calls yourself if you are so impatient


You want her fired because she was trying to help you? She was willing to call other stores for their stock.

She requested you to come inside so that other patients could be assisted as well. Other patients behind you shouldn't have to wait because they can be taken care of while the tech is assisting you. How is this rude and unthoughtful? Not only was she thinking about you, but other patients as well.

Controlled substances are held on a tight leash, so they have no plans on bending the rules that could land them in a heap of trouble.

This isn't something that an exception can be made just this one time. It is serious.