Downers Grove, Illinois

I have been abused verbally by this walgreens for a year and a half. And I took it!

( Now I have no clue why) The staff here regularly hang up on you, answer the phone by yelling "HOLD", make sarcastic remarks if you use coupons, drugs are rarely on time even if you have it on auto refill. Mine regularly came off auto refill and the staff implied it was somehow my fault. They don't bother to notify you if a drug you are on is unavailable (even if they KNOW you need this drug to stay alive) Bring a book because you are going to wait a long time in order for you to have your turn at the staff abusing you. I went to CVS and I am thrilled.

The medicine is on time and I actually get a phone call when it is ready and the pharmacist actually asked me if I had any questions!

So professional and polite. I no longer get a pit in my stomach if I have to pick up scripts.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

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