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My original visit was on 5/5/14 around 9:30 pm to drop off a prescription for IV fluids for my cat. I brought in the prescription from my vet, along with the NDC numbers of ones that I knew were in DEHP-free bags.

The young lady typed in a bunch of things and said she ordered it, and that it should be in by Wednesday. She verified my phone number so they could call me when it came in. No call on Wednesday. I called the store on Thursday, they said they had no record of it in the system but the paper presciption should be in the store, so they transferred me to the store.

The lady at the store said they had the fluids and that I would be able to come pick them up, no problem. I did my grocery shopping then went to Walgreens to pick the fluids up. When I got there, they had no record of it AND they did not have the paper prescription that I had dropped off on Monday night. Apparently, they lost the paper prescription in the just over 2 days since I had dropped it off.

The pharmacist said she'd need to call my vet to get the prescription over the phone. So, she did that, and after about 30 minutes was ready to sell me the fluids. Thankfully, I thought to verify on the bags before even leaving the counter that they were DEHP-free, because they were NOT. So, they lost my prescription, ordered the wrong thing, and the pharmacist looked in the system and found they can't get DEHP-free fluids in from their distributor.

This was the worst experience I've ever had with any pharmacy. It's a good thing this wasn't a life-saving medication that I needed today. Everyone was pleasant enough, but not terribly helpful. The girl should have told me when she tried to order it that she could not get the DEHP-free since I had the NDC numbers for those AND stated to her several times that I need DEHP-free fluids.

They also should not have lost the original prescription, and they should have verified the fluids were correct before wasting my time waiting for them to call the vet. These are the people we're supposed to trust our lives to, and we can't even trust them to do their jobs right? I have taken my business elsewhere, I'd rather pay more and get the job done right than to save a few dollars on something that contains chemicals that could cause cancer in my cat. I realize your employees are only human (that was the excuse that was given), but they need to remember that mistakes made in the pharmacy can cost lives whether by giving the wrong medicine, delaying the medicine being given, or giving something that can cause an allergic or adverse reaction and the standard of caution and care needs to be much higher than was taken in this situation.

There were way too many points of failure in this situation, and it has made me lose all faith in Walgreens.

With so many other choices these days, I doubt I'll ever go back to the store or the pharmacy. It's a shame, because Walgreens used to be a name you could trust.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Monetary Loss: $26.

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Technicians are 9bly humans, but the issue is that walgreens expects them to be computers taking multiple tasks at once. Yes you would think that people's lives are important but corporate thinks that 1 person can do a job that really should be for 4 people. Customers do notunderstand the stress oof atechnician and tthe fact that corporate does not pay or give enough help for them to do their job properly.