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Walgreens at 88 York Street New Haven CT had my car towed while I was getting her prescription and my Daughter was in the car when they towed it.I was at WALGREENS and My 19 year old daughter was just out of the hospital .

I went in to get her prescription and they towed the car . The sign clearly stated 30 minute parking . I was parked for about ten minutes and as I came out the guy was towing my car . I told him my daughter was in the car and the guy told me I was full of %*&#$ .

I called the police . To make a long story short , they denied towing my car . My car was found in the evergreen cemetery . My daughter is 80% disabled and she was stuck there until we located her several hours later !!!!!

Walgreens put my daughters life in great danger.

This constitutes KIDNAPPING !!In Connecticut jurisdictions, it is illegal to tow an occupied vehicle, as this constitutes kidnapping.


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I don't believe this story, the car was left in a cemetery, they don't lave the cares in cemeteries, they have a special place to take towed cars.


I have heard stories similar to this.19 years old is not a child.

She stayed in the car. The tow driver just wanted some money. To tow the car , he or she used a slim jim to open the door . He should have seen this woman.

I say woman and not child because she is 19 years old.I believe this story.


u are a disgrace to parents..your child embarrasses you so u smack her and she DESERVES to be disabled?!?!so what!

my almost two year old throws tantrums in stores when shes in a mood and u know what i let her cause she is only embarrassing herself. are you sure your not on drugs because only a person who is hopped up on drugs would treat a helpless child like that.

also i work for a Walgreens. we have had customers leave there cars in the parking lot for days and they havent been towed. im calling bulls**t on your story.

and i hope to god if any of it is true u snap into reality and start kissing your 5 year olds a$$ for ruining her life and blaming it on her.

shame on her a favor and get her a family that cares and stay out of her life after you do


You are right, kidnapping is illegal, but so is child abuse.Besides that, this would never be considered as kidnapping.

Anyone who had half a brain would take one look at this story and put your *** in jail. Even if this story is fake, you disgust me and aren't human. I am disabled (wheelchair bound), along with my brother. Thus, I know how things are from the eyes of a disabled person and from the eyes of someone with a disabled famnily member.

You are worthless.To call you a human being is erroneous.


I hope this story is not true, but if it is cps needs to step back in.I know from experience what its like to have my mother choose a boyfriend over me.

Im just glad that mine had the good sense to leave me with someone who cared about me. Even normal children embarrass they're parents in public, and that calls for discipline, but to not a claim a 5 year old disabled child because you are embarrassed by her is ridiculous. I hope they take her away from you and put her with a family that can take of her and treat her the way she needs to be treated.

I have family members that@@ are disabled but I would NEVER say they embarrassed me!You are selfish and both you and your boyfriend should be arrested!


If this story is fake, the person writing it is nuts and may end up with legal trouble.It is possible to sue for defamation, Walgreens is a tough wall to be trying to climb.

Like I said, NUTS!Defamation is expensive at the very least


P.S. Walgreens has drive thru. Even if it is over the counter meds you can get thm in drive thru.


I do not beleive one word of this story.If any of it happened she is probley like so many other customers who 10 min is really 1 hour.

Blame the tow company Walgreens doesn't own the tow truck.As a former manager of Walgreens the last thing there is time for is to stand out and call a tow company on customers.



Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #186919

No one kidnapped her daughter(assuming this is a true story).She was negligant and left her child alone in the car.

If this is a true story her daughter is a lot better person than her. Your boyfriend should have spent more than 9 months in jail. He took away her life basically. Not her fault babies cry.

How can a six month old misbehave. Even if this story is fake I am still angry that you would make it up. Also your other daughter if she is claiming he is doing things to her than perhaps he is. I would hope this to be fake but I have seen many mothers put their boyfriends before their children.

Basically he tells you all these children are lying and you believe him. I hope they take your daughter away and your adult daughter finds a good home for herself so they don't have to live with your abuse and your boyfriend's abuse. Stay together, you are meant for each other, but do your daughter a favor, call up CPS and tell them to find a nice family for your five year old.

I would take her in.If your daughter can't speak than you should not have left her alone.

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